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The meerkats were great.
They were just like, playfighting, grooming,
interacting, running around, going on alert.
Lots of fun.
You never know which animals are gonna be active at the zoo.


You're the one that I want, hoo hoo hoo )
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I have Foolish Games by Jewel stuck in my head.
Maybe that will be my new jam this week.
(Glen got me into This Is My Jam).
(I think like, the last thing I need is another social network, lol).
Terminal insomnia is the worst.

Lemurrrrrrr )
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I think one of the things I like about Perth Zoo,
is how happy a lot of the animals are.
They keep their old enclosures (empty) to show the 'old way' that they used to do things
(minimal room for the animal, maximum entertainment for the viewer).
But now they follow the Durrell method, and so sometimes that means you don't see
a lot of the animals. But when you do see them. They're generally in very good repair.

Marmosets, quokkas, lemurs and more. )
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I think I'm getting to a point where I might be able to interact a bit more again,
we'll see.
Otherwise the writing has been going well.
My Patreon account for my original fae tales works launches next Saturday (the 8th).
I'm nervous.

Less birds, more mammals! But still...some birds. )
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I get really excited about going to the zoo.
Like, stupid excited.
But yesterday I was like...
only mildly excited because I've been in a fair amount of chronic pain lately,
and it's a new kind that I'm having to get used to.
Still, animals help.


Woot for Perth Zoo )
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We are so close to like...
booking this year's holiday down south.
Otherwise I'm Tumbling a bit.
Writing a lot.
Starting a Patreon soon.

(All taken on the iPhone).


Free skyward movies, the only cost is the crick in your neck. )
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Things have been interesting lately.
I am officially single.
Still finding it incredibly hard to write about my life.
I am recovering from some abuse stuff which is difficult,
because it's recent. But it's okay. I have good support.

All of these taken on my iPhone.

Kelvin Helmholtz clouds under the cut!

Flex that bicep!

And I have the sky. )
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Currently writing some original fiction,
and distracting myself, lol.
Today was Mother's Day.
I hope for all others experiencing it,
you've had a good one.

Leederville at night.

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In which I go places.
Within Perth.
That's a thing I do.
Also I don't recommend getting a second degree burn in your mouth.
It hurts.

All of these taken with the iPhone.

Well the tide is well and truly out.

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Generally taken from roads,
as always.
All photos taken on the iPhone.
I've pretty much made the switch,
because it's so much more convenient.

Swan Valley.

More under the cut, of many different locations. )
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Listening to Moby
(some things you don't grow out of)
oh wait it's just rolled around to Dire Straits.
I am an unstoppable force
and clearly cannot be tamed.

All of these photos taken on the iPhone.

Passionfruit flower.

Some more under the cut because gardennnnn. )
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Today has been delightfully cool,
I was even wearing slippers for a while.
Or as Glen calls them:
'warmy shoes.'
I should get my own warmy shoes, I stole Glen's.

City of Perth at night, taken from King's Park.

A few more under the cut. )
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Out and about in Western Australia,
just doin' stuff.
Also today we had some decent rain,
but it was after they said the rain was done,
and my washing got soaked.
Should've looked at the radar.

Ze beach. (West Coast Highway).

More under the cut. )
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Only about ten photos in this batch,
including a stray photo from my Mum's garden.
Mostly Lechenaultia and Dampiera,
because they're so pretty,
and they cooperate with flowering very nicely.

Lechenaultia formosa.

A few more under the cut. )
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Some of these photos will feature meat, for those who can't stomach seeing it.
They'll all be under a cut though.
And it's all cooked meat.
I haven't showered yet.
Having a very slow start to my day today.

Fairy bread.

More under the cut. )
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In random news,
I have over 1,100,000 words up on AO3 now.
My original fiction is the most popular fiction in the original fiction (by kudos and comments - not that this is a barometer of quality).
But it's nice to see it trending in the top,
above 6,000 other works.
Now if only I can translate that to a career.
(I shall be opening a Patreon account soon).

More under the cut. )
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I mean I really am,
I take more cloud and sky photos
than I do anything else really.
So much that I now need my own folder for it.
But can you blame me?
Perth shows off.

More under the cut. )
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The last part.
These two continue to rock my socks,
even as I type this out and code it all
Moet is lying on the chair next to me.
Katt expressed surprised at just how social they were the other day,
but I take it for granted. They like people. They're good for us.
And I like to think we're good for them.

Lazy days. And for those of you who knew Maybe from the beginning, you'd know what a treasure it is to see her able to relax her body like this.

This door is always open. )
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Life conspired against me last year, and
subsequently I was still taking a lot of photos
(mostly on my iPhone actually, for convenience)
but I wasn't processing them or putting them up.
But everything is processed now, and so...
I'm catching up on some old journalling habits.

Get a cat today! Convenient remote control holder!

More under the cut )
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I like macro photography,
it recalls my early childhood,
when I would spend hours just staring at small things in the garden.
And now I have an excuse to stare at small things again.
It's rather wonderful.

Sneaking up on a sleeping fly.

More under the cut, as always )


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