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I'm not sure I'll be doing any more art for the rest of the year,
though I haven't ruled out doing art in the future
I'm not sure I'll ever do it full-time again?
We'll see - the writing is going very well.
And the Patreon account has picked up. I'm very lucky right now.

The Wolf Mage
- SOLD -

Larger image behind the cut. )

Winter Wolf
- SOLD -

Larger image behind the cut. )
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It's been a long time since I've been able to draw any animal guides in any sort of capacity,
and it was a wonderful homecoming to rediscover Wolf and Fox.
In the meantime, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (and am being treated with Endep)
as well as Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (and Temporo-Mandibular Jaw Disorder).
Life is a lot more painful than it used to be, but I'm still trucking along.

The Forest Fox
- SOLD -

Larger image under the cut. )

The Fox Mage
- SOLD -

Larger image under the cut. )
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I could draw red foxes forever.
I love them.
And now I shall go shower and get ready for the day,
which features a therapy session and otherwise not a ton else,
because I am under orders to 'take it easy.'
These are all available for sale.

Red Fox Guide

Larger version under the cut )

The Red Fox Mage

Larger version under the cut )
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I've been slowly moving back into artwork again.
Still not taking commissions, since the prospect is just too draining.
So I started with some of the more common animal guides/energies.
These will all be available for sale.
It's occurred to me I've never drawn a black wolf in this format before?

Gray Wolf Guide

Larger version under the cut. )

Black (Gray) Wolf Guide

Larger version under the cut. )
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And this was like,
I don't even know what this was.
Anglerfish (that doesn't exist)
and roses.
No references because pfft. Doodling.
I did a lot of this while watching Pitch Perfect, lol.

Angler Fish and Roses. 0.1 pen on cartridge paper. Turquoise pencil.

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I've been passing the time with my sketchpad lately.
Doodling stuff.
Most of it busy, messy stuff.
Like this piece.
Which is a capybara-goat-flower thing.

Capybara-Goat-Vine Doodle. 0.1 pen on cartridge paper.

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I keep writing 'Nicodemus' because of NIMH
but no it's Apodemus
the basic animal form of a shifter fae
I'm writing about.
It's fun to draw animals like this, I should do it more.

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This is the first kind of 'official' artwork I've done in a while,
though I'm still sketching a bit.
One is an illustration of a creature in a bunch of original writing I've been doing,
the other is a gift piece for a friend.
I'm so far away from being able to do commissions again at the moment.

The Mourner Nightingale

Feathertail Glider

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hi everyone.
still alive.
so much has happened,
and has been happening.
so much to talk about.
but instead i just have these small offerings.
turns out i can still kinda draw!

The Mourner Nightingale - a fae middleworld species invented for my Fae Tales Verse.

Feathertail Glider


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