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Glen's currently on a 4 hour flight home. (No wait, he's been delayed more).

I've been playing Dragon Age (...I'm going to be playing it forever, you can't stop me).

Also it took me like 50 hours to finally find Rifts less scary. *sighs at self*

 photo 2015 05 - kings park 01_zpsyg9xlay3.jpg

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It's been an interesting weekend.

Glen went to Melbourne to see the Eagles play in the Grand Final, and I stayed here and Mum stayed over with me (I'm not so good on my own at night). It was good, a little stressful just because my routine was thrown off so much, and I feel a bit ill now. So I'm sharing some clouds. Cloud therapy! :)

Do you know how much cirrocumulus we get here? Do you? ALL THE TIME.

 photo 2015 05 - clouds 11_zpsmtmcuz6p.jpg

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It's that time of year again. Actually it's just past that time of year again. But it's the time of year when all the jewel/Christmas beetles come out! I love these Anoplognathus and we had a really bad year for them last year, so I worried that something about my garden (or the weather) was killing them off. But this year they came back with a vengeance, and there's just been heaps of them. :D

 photo 2015 - august macro 09_zpsnzrepqtd.jpg

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All of these are taken with my iPhone. And all of them have been taken in the garden. As a child I always stared in fixation and obsession at tiny things, absorbed by the small things in life. And getting a macro lens for my iPhone has been a part of rediscovering what I love about the world around me.


 photo 2015 05 - macro 07_zpssyjk6re0.jpg

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I love culinary adventures. Mostly enjoying the fruits of what other people make, but there's some dishes of mine in here too.

Om nom nom.

Green Tea Tiramisu (I did not make this, lol - from Zensaki in Perth!)

 photo 2015 05 - food 08_zpsswjq27jg.jpg

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I culled a lot from this batch (because I take Too Many Photos of Rocks), but god I love this place so fucking much. Every time I come here I wonder if I'll get bored of it, and every time I get here I never am. It is - for a blustery place that constantly tastes of sea spray - one of the most tranquil places I've ever visited, and there's very rarely anyone here except rock fishermen risking themselves out on the rocks.

 photo 2015 - eam - merchant rock 10_zps4gyto1si.jpg

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A cloud compilation. I actually haven't been taking quite as much cloud photography lately, mostly just because of weird circumstances that mean I'm often not in a position to get outside when the sky is going to be most glorious. But I'll more than make up for this on our humid and stormy summer days, I'm sure. :)

 photo 2015 05 - clouds 30_zpsntdwlkbz.jpg

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Not the greatest photos of the Boranup forest, for which I apologise. My iPhone wasn't up for the challenge, and my energy levels weren't really either. So not as many photos of this area, even though it's one of my favourite little spaces in the whole world. It's just...very magical, and doing quite well given the fires that went through it a few years ago.

 photo 2015 - eam - karri 16_zps9p0zmjdy.jpg

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Warning: there's some close-ups of centipedes and such under the cut.

Man, I love macro photography. For *most* of these, I used my Olloclip lenses (small iPhone attachment lenses). It means taking off my Otterbox cover every time I want to use them, but it's still so worth it.

 photo 2015 - eam - macro 16_zps5mq4oldz.jpg

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While in Margaret River, we visited the Berry Farm. We go there once a year mostly to stock up on jam (and then the jams/conserves we get last us until the next year, lol, so it works out). But this time we actually decided to stop off for lunch, because my stomach has been a *tad* more reliable lately. We ended up sitting outside in a sheltered area, and got some visitors while we ate. Delightful, colourful visitors. :D

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 01_zpslamwwjhf.jpg

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I love Sugarloaf Rock? It's like...easily one of my favourite places to visit down south. And Canal Rocks as well. So Glen gets his beaches, and then I get my rocks, lol. I don't know what it is, aside from the fact the landscape is striking, I think it's that in Perth all our beaches are kind of stereotypical 'tourism' beaches, you know - white sand, blue water, sand-dunes with vegetation. Rocky outcrops and formations are rare. So for me, it's not the 'tourism beaches' that appeal most, but the rugged, moody-ass ones.

Sugarloaf Rock

 photo 2015 - eam - sugarloaf 03_zpssqscabro.jpg

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We mostly go to Meelup Beach and Bunker Bay whenever we head down south primarily because Glen really loves Bunker Bay (and I really love Sugarloaf Rock). These places are in Dunsborough, and it's amazing how much more populated Dunsborough has become over the past ten years. Not that it's a bad thing necessarily, I'm glad the area is enjoying greater commerce and doing quite well. Plus these places are still quite 'remote' overall.

Meelup Beach

 photo 2015 - eam - eagle bay 03_zps219nu3zz.jpg

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It's an alpaca farm that decided to expand into a petting farm, and then expanded a bit more. They sell rabbits and chicks and alpacas and well...lots of animals. Glen and I are kind of a sucker for these places? I used to think it was just me, and then the last two times we went away, Glen suggested we go and I realised it wasn't just me. And then one day Glen suggested he wanted a goat and a pig and a cow and I realised it REALLY wasn't just me. O.O

Calf! :D

 photo 2015 - eam - farm 09_zpsnig8reup.jpg

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A random collection of photos. I'd burnt out really hardcore by the time we hit Denmark (Western Australia), so there's not a ton of Denmark. I spent most of that weekend inside feeling pretty miserable and happy not to be moving. Thankfully Glen was happy for that too. It was probably actually the most restful two days we had. We visited a couple of places (most notably a great chocolatier, and an animal petting farm because we're nerdy animal dorks).

Chocolates from Dark Side Chocolates, featuring a lot of bush tucker chocolates that were just amazing.

 photo 2015 - eam - denmark 04 chocolates_zpsdsh885yb.jpg

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It's a shame we were only in Esperance for three days. And two of those days - well one was a 6.5 hour drive in, and one was a 7.5 hour drive out. So two of those days were kind of not really spent doing much except driving. I wish we'd spent a week, or even two weeks here. There's a lot to do and see, the locals are really friendly, and the wilderness is fucking amazing.

As it is, even with the short amount of time we were here, we managed to see some stellar beaches, as well as Humpbacks right off the coast. :)

 photo 2015 - eam - beach twilight 14_zpsm6ncu0uv.jpg

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