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I hope the Dreamwidth servers aren't taking this too hard! Though for me - I haven't noticed any slowdowns.

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It's been raining on and off for 24 hours, which is delightful.
But it's not enough.
The rain/water situation in Perth is frightening.
But on another note,
I'm thinking about making zucchini and corn fritters for dinner tonight. :)

Celestial Wolverine

( Follow the fake cut to another seven sketches at my Wordpress blog. )
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I've created a new community for Australian native gardening, and gardens, and plant recommendations:

[community profile] oz_native_gardening

[personal profile] danilicious is co-administrator because she knows what I'm talking about way more than I do. She's already posted an article on Eremophilas! Go check it out. :)

Feel free to pass it around to other people who like gardening with Australian things; or who have always wanted to. And remember, tomorrow's Follow Friday! In Australia...anyway.

I've been meaning to do this for a while (or I should say; Dani has) so... we've finally done it.
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Today's Photo of the Day post shows some work in progress on a giant illustration I've started.

But you can only see it over at my Wordpress blog.
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Today's Photo of the Day is being featured in a new Wordpress blog post, featuring my art studio, a book recommendation, and a moth photo some of you have already seen. :)
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Yup, read the LJ 'News' post (complete with no 'filler' about photos and stories and shit), and thought 'too little, too late, Livejournal' (tweeted that too). Considering some of the other things LJ might have planned to roll out soon (ETA:, I'm still not going to be commenting or posting there. Not going to be sending them money. LJ is a company I don't want to support.

It has been for a while though. I'd been feeling increasingly on edge there for some time. My posting habits changed. I started screening everything. I stopped feeling like I could journal about anything I wanted even when it was under very restricted filter. That's been going on for about a year and a half.

The FB/Twitter thing was the straw that broke the camel's back. A significant straw, but a straw nonetheless. I've been having problems with LJ for a while. Strikethrough affected me personally and that was three years ago (and while it was happening, I posted on that news thread in protest almost every hour back then), it affected some of my friends personally. And everything else since then has been hoping LJ 'got their act together.'

They promised they would, they never did. After reading the latest DW news post, I know where I want to be.


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