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A thousand huzzahs.
I want to draw octopi until my brain explodes.

Wandsuna - Packin' My Bag for Lolita City

38 x 51cm / 15 x 20 in
Crescent illustrator's board, technical pens, pencil and aquarelle, metallic paint, acrylic.

larger version under the cut. )
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My first Wandsuna illustration in too long.
My fingers still have pastel dust embedded into them.
I've realised that I've run out of glassine,
so I'm going to need to get down to an art store to make sure that this can be protected
since I only use limited fixative.

Mr and Mrs Finch
yes, prints are available at DeviantArt
MATERIALS: Soft pastels (Schminke / Windsor & Newton), Pastel pencils (Carbothello), Pastel paper (Mi Tientes), Hard pastels (Faber Castell) and limited fixative.

a larger version, and icons/userpics under the cut. )
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Still resting up with my finger, so no artwork today either.
But my frames arrived!
They actually sent D-rings with them this time, so if I want, I can get them all D-ringed up for gallery framing. Which is nice, as this is eventually where I want them to go. (If any gallery will have me, that is).

Wandsuna - Foxes Don't Cry; currrently living on our loungeroom wall.

Wandsuna - Remember?; I am pleasantly surprised with how well this illustration looks framed with the cream matt-board. Success!

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I feel like I've been working on this illustration for 4,000 years.
Of course, it hasn't been that long.
I'm exaggerating.

Wandsuna - Remember?

38 x 51cm / 15 x 20 in
Original for sale - POA
Crescent illustrator's board, technical pens, pencil and aquarelle, metallic paint.
Prints available.

larger versions, detail shots, all that stuff under the cut. )
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Both the fur and the costume broke my hands.
And the fur and the costume broke around six Artline Drawing System technical pens too.
I don't know why I enjoy doing these so much (repetitive animal backgrounds).
But I really really do.
Am compelled to, you might say.

Wandsuna - Remember?

Details details details... )
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So. Those who know my Wandsuna series, know I like to use animals and colours in said Wandsuna series to express other concepts, abstract emotions, people, or feelings, or other things entirely.

Those symbolic connections are based on very personal symbolism. For example, the fox isn't used because of its connection to 'Fox as Totem', and is entirely based on a personal relationship with fox and my encounters with it in 'real life.'

If you could represent an abstract or a concept through a colour or an animal in the Wandsuna mythology, what would you choose? How would you represent your self? And why would you choose that animal, colour, or something else entirely? Would different representations change what it meant? (For example, in the Wandsuna series, a leashed fox means something entirely opposite of an unleashed fox).

Just curious to see how people would build up their own personal symbologies. If you're not comfortable explaining why you'd use certain animals or colours to represent certain things, feel free not to. :)
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I have two commissions but... Wandsuna is on my head right now. One of the commissions is nearly finished, and the other I'm waiting on a size-ish type thing.

And then in the meantime I decided to...

sketch the next Wandsuna picture... )
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Gah. (I'm not even up to the coloured pencil stage yet!)

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I finished the inking for this last night, at around midnight. But had to wait until I got good lighting so I could get photos!

Larger pictures under the cut, including detail shots. )
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Yeah you.

Come closer.

this is what I've been working on, of late. )


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