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It's been a long time since I've done this.
Frankly, I haven't been taking many photos.
Partly because of Instagram,
but mostly because of depression and health things. Woot.

Kangaroo Paw

Wow it's been a while since I've done this. )
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I do love clouds still,
and Perth spoils us,
with its cloudscapes.
And so,
here's a post I guess.

Two more. )
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Sometimes the sky does pretty things.
I wanted my zoom lens for this shot,
but this had to do.
It was gone in about three minutes or less.
Glad I saw it when I did. :)

Hepburn Avenue, on the way to the beach.

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A few here, including one of Maybe.
Skies so blue.
But all I want is rain
and clouds
and storms.

Acacia merinthophora - with your spiky, water-conserving leaves.

Two more. )
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today i combined my love of abstract photography
with my love of the rain.
and i don't care if no one else likes the results
because i love them.
i should do this more often.

Tolere, L'yuvotn'r. )
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I've listened to these two The Irrepressibles songs
about 25 times each
over the past two days.
I am falling in love.

Read more... )
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This is a work in progress and is as yet, unfinished.
Soft pastels so far.
Some of the yellow tones have been slightly bleached out,
due to the light conditions I photographed it in.
But that's okay.

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A thing is emerging,
and I am making a mess.
There is dust everywhere.
Made a good wordcount today.
Is my energy returning?


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These two are just ridiculous.
We have spaghetti bolognese for dinner tonight.
I've been eating a lot of baby spinach lately.
It should be a crime, how good fresh baby spinach tastes.

And one more. )
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Woke up this morning to the windows rattling in their panes,
they're doing groundworks directly behind our house again today.
So I decided to snap a photo.
My god, how didactic is Bones these days?

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This was by the wonderful Evgeny Hontor of Demiurgus Dreams.
I also have a wolf coming as well.
I love this raven though.
This is not his usual place,
but I shifted him to get a better photo.

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I was sitting outside this morning,
enjoying a cool change and a smattering of rain
(I had almost forgotten what cool weather felt like),
when a group of about 20 juvenile Australian ravens flocked towards a tree behind our house.
They were far away, but I managed to catch these five flying.

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My glossy girl is next,
along with some dual Moet/Maybe shots,
since they decided to be extremely cute together.
I think this is the first time I've taken more photos of Moet than Maybe for a while, but my camera goes wherever it feels like.

Watching the world with eyes that go an uncanny colour in direct sunlight.

Maybe is a half-bengal, special needs rescue cat. )
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I took so many photos of the cats this morning
that I'm doing two separate posts.
One for Moet,
and one for Maybe (and Moet/Maybe together).
There'll be about 15 in each.

Hello, I am vaguely ridiculous.

Moet is a champagne tabby, he's charming and lovely, and Glen's best friend and a good buddy. )
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Bullsbrook are on emergency warning to evacuate if way is clear,
homes and lives are at risk.
There are around 3 fires in the area right now.
Keeping an eye out.
Smoke is being blown directly over our house again,
gotta love a strong westerly.

Though we're only on 'alert / advice' right now, and not on watch/act or emergency ourselves. )
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We have been downgraded to a watch/act warning.
Hope no homes are lost,
but it's not likely.
We are prepared to evacuate if necessary.
But hopefully North Ellenbrook will now be okay.
I didn't actually catch the smoke at its most sinister, mostly to be away from the heat.

Four more under the cut. )
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Sweltering weather outside,
the false promise of a no-show thunderstorm.
A cyclone has rolled into the north of the state.
Down here it is dry, dry, dry.
The clouds are only taunts.

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Today's photo of the day is of some unfinished fanart,
that I've been working on,
in amongst everything else.
Landed a 15,000 word count last week too.
So that's something.

For The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. )
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I found out today that Zanthorrea,
a local plant nursery
will try and order in more Lechenaultia formosa for me.
But here's hoping the ones we currently have
will survive!

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It's been a long, long day,
and you've got the sandman at the door,
well hang on,
leave the TV on,
and let's do it anyway!
It's okay! You can always sleep through work tomorrow!


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