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It's been pretty slow going,
but not as slow as I predicted?
Which is good.
I livestream a lot of it on Instagram
for the good company.
And otherwise I just listen to music and work.
And Maybe comes up and annoys me all the time.

1. Sort of starting to take shape? Sort of? Don't think about how much left there is to do...

More developments. )
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Getting from here to there.

(I'm posting these up as I fend off some health stuff).

So for this year's Inktober, I decided on one big project,
and decided to revisit the Bronze Forest concept,
from some years ago.

So here we go. Something that's going to take me ages, lol. The Copper Forest.


Developments )
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Uncoloured woofs.

These will all be made available for sale.

But in the meantime I love this part, where they're black and white, and still taking form.

Star Wolf

 photo 2016 - Wolf series - Star Wolf BW 540x_zpshpqyokef.jpg

Honey and Rainbow Wolf under the cut! )
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This is a work in progress and is as yet, unfinished.
Soft pastels so far.
Some of the yellow tones have been slightly bleached out,
due to the light conditions I photographed it in.
But that's okay.

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A thing is emerging,
and I am making a mess.
There is dust everywhere.
Made a good wordcount today.
Is my energy returning?


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Today's photo of the day is of some unfinished fanart,
that I've been working on,
in amongst everything else.
Landed a 15,000 word count last week too.
So that's something.

For The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. )
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This is primarily for fun,
and a bit of a test run to get back into the soft pastels
since it's been a really long time since I've worked with soft pastels.
Anyway here:
have a Totoro and a Catbus.
Totally work in progress!

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It's a Sunday morning and I'm scanning stuffs!
Had a nice day so far, it's been low key,
Glen is out this afternoon and I am seeing my folks tonight.
It's probably good I'm home,
I have nine different pieces of art I'm working on right now.

Ponyo as Totem - Inked/Incomplete

Swift Parrot - Inked/Incomplete

larger scan under the cut )

Puerto Rican Amazons - Inked/Incomplete

larger scan under the cut )
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Woot! Final one.

It's probably a good thing I stocked up on fineliners for inking, now that I think about it.
Birds are just so much fun to draw.
Yay feathered dinobirds!

Puerto Rican Amazon

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Sketch the second!

A lot of the details in this one won't come out until the inking process. I don't like layering in graphite, since it gets messy very quickly (for me, I'm a messy sketcher). But anyway, there will be more rainforest details in the background.

Two more sketches left today, though only one will be going up here.

New Zealand kaka

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So, I'm in the process of sketching out three critically endangered or endangered parrots for a crowdfunded art / information book called Losing Altitude. The Kickstarter hasn't officially been launched yet (within the next two weeks it'll go up), but the list of contributing artists has been finalised! You can see the entry on that over at DeviantArt HERE.

I ended up accidentally choosing three parrots (not that I'm complaining!), and unlike the 'as totems' illustration, all will be full-body. :D

Swift Parrot

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This is a personal project I've been working on in the background of everything else,
it's personal title is - je L'yuvoczack bruvok
and it's both significant within Vilturj,
and important to me as well.
I very rarely do personal artwork that I intend to keep (I do a lot of personal art that I then go onto sell!).
Still percolating over the colour scheme.

Melanistic Red Fox / je L'yuvoczack bruvok

Larger photo. )
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I have completed inks for four wild cats this week.
Also a domestic cat, and a Russian trotter (horse).
But four wild cats!
These are all awaiting colour.
Two are available / two are commissions.
Appropriate icon is appropriate.

Cheetah as Totem
- unavailable -

Caracal, Serval and Melanistic/Black Jaguar under the cut. )
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Horses are still a challenge, but a wonderful, patient client, and some great reference photos have helped with this one - a gorgeous breed of horse, the Russian trotter.
In addition, I am revisiting melanistic jaguar. This wonderful lady will have very visible rosettes and markings, instead of a solid black coat, and I'm looking forward to the inking / colouring process on both of these.
Although it does put the number of projects I'm *actively* working on at the moment up to eight! Hee.

Russian Trotter

Melanistic Jaguar

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It's been cat energy galore, over the past two months.
I think I've illustrated about four or five domestic cats (with another one the way),
and now we're moving into the big cats.
One of these is a commission,
but the other two will be available.

Cheetah as Totem (commission)

Caracal as Totem (available)

Serval as Totem (available)

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I dream of having an awesome scanner,
or being able to drive somewhere easily,
and get larger art pieces scanned.
Anyway, this piece is A4,
so it does fit in the scanbed.

Northern Goshawk as Totem

Larger image under the cut. )
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Arting, arting, arting, rawhiiiiide.
Another sunny, wintery day.
The cats are snoozing, for now,
and I have illustrated thousands of tiny little lines,
because cross-hatching, as a texture, is the bomb.

Larger photo under the cut. )
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I've had to put these under a cut since both are quite large.
They're both commissions, of a larger size.
In other news, it's raining a lot here today,
so it's lovely weather.
Anyone else playing Pokemon Conquest?

Sketches under the cut! )
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Hiya folks,
I've been arting.
Actually I've been doing a lot of arting,
not just the stuff here.
An exciting project is happening in the background which I'll hopefully be able to talk about soon. Well, another exciting project. There's two, really.
Interested in a commission? Go here for details.

Common Wombat - tasmaniensis subspecies

Sammi the Cat
(this is kind of a landmark illustration for me. For the longest time - 6 years maybe - cat totems, even my own cats, simply wouldn't 'come through.' But thanks to some shamanic work and I think just a lot of time and experience, they're now an official animal I can connect with).

White-Lipped Python - hoserae subspecies

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There's something apt about inking animal totems,
while watching David Attenborough in the background
(The Life of Birds and The Blue Planet respectively).
'Tis cold here today,
and definitely feels like Winter.


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