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This was another 'hour before midnight' scramble to think of what to photograph.
In the end I was gazing at our fringe,
and landed upon this gem.
The post-it note is very old.
And the magnets were from Putu.
They're 'make your own monster' magnets, there's a whole bunch.

Just a note, is there anything in particular that *you'd* like to see me take photos of? :)
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So, there is this amazing sculptor, Le Animale
(secretly her name is Laura and she is amazing),
who makes light-hearted animal totems.
I love having physical representations of animals,
especially small, robust ones. And have been slowly building my collection for a little while. And it's been so much fun. :)

So, you can see we have my wolverine necklace (a custom order), an octopus, a narwhal, a psychedelic snail, a miniature snail (a custom order), a platypus and a himalayan monal (a request). They sit in front of my own illustration of himalayan monal, which is one of the very few totem pieces I've ever kept for myself. In fact, now that I've listed red kangaroo and olm, I daresay it's the only totem illustration I've ever kept for myself...

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Lestrade is an Octopus.
I commissioned him from [personal profile] kath_ballantyne.
He's very friendly,
and as it turns out,
piano is actually his division,
probably helps that he has bendy, piano-playing tentacles.

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I haven't drawn Startail in so long,
and then this morning I decided to do this.
I love Startail.
Inordinately so.
Hope you're all having a great Christmas day, or non-Christmas day, or Christmas eve, or non-Christmas eve, from Glen and Pia, the secular atheist/shaman Christmas followers. *g*

Also, who misses me cartooning this stuff? I do! Maybe I should that into my epic to do list next year! Lol.
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Hi folks!

A while ago, I found Paperblanks journals. Belatedly, I might add, but I found them and I was excited and now I have TOO MANY and simultaneously NOT ENOUGH and you know how it is when you like to journal and sketch on things, you want all the things, basically.


I tweeted something to this effect, and Paperblanks tweeted back, and then magically and wonderfully I am now featured in an interview on their Featured Artist's section of their blog:


Here's the interview in all it's awesomeness!


Check it out, and enjoy the wonderful journals while you're there too. :) It was a great interview, and you might find out some things about me you didn't know!


And because I haven't done this in a while - did you know there are other places to keep up with what's happening with me? :)


Ravenari @ Facebook.

Ravenari @ DeviantArt

Ravenari's Totem Animal Dictionary

ETSY (Originals only)

My Twitter @ Ravenari

Ravenari's Portfolio
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Glen and I got some unexpected bad news yesterday, and it's been a pretty bleak end of the year. On top of that, several close friends are going through awful, or truly tragic circumstances. So I decided to make a playlist of songs that cheer me up.

I hope some of them cheer you up too. :)

Very unfortunately, Dreamwidth is not letting me embed the Grooveshark widget; but you can follow this URL directly to the playlist, and then press 'play all.'

lyric excerpts )
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One of the reasons I miss tame parrots.

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So Glen, Putu and I hung out yesterday afternoon,
and decided to find a park where we could go for a walk.
Because it's lovely, balmy Spring weather right now,
and great for mostly being ratbags
and scaring the locals.

I guess it started to make sense, we were just sitting on the fence, there wasn't writing on the wall; there wasn't anything at all. But if your love returns to me, if what's not turns out to be 'oh you don't know.' )
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This is just a very quick announcement to say that if anyone is looking for an angsty, awesome, well-scripted, well-acted, surprisingly humorous, 6 part drama series about angels and shamanism and the end-times mixed with horror and supernatural thriller aspects with a 17 year old protagonist who can act, complete with English accents, might I recommend The Fades?

Critically acclaimed BBC3 show, that has gotten hardly any notice in fandom. It deserves a great deal more. It's also more fun to watch back to back as a series (which Glen and I did tonight), so if you haven't caught any of it yet, you could easily knock it out in two halves, over two nights.

Lumi. :)

Sep. 7th, 2011 04:31 pm
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Glen took this one;
I was too busy outside keeping an eye on her,
but Glen had his mobile phone
and snapped this.
She met a door to door salesman today, and got a bit of patting from him.
He told us she was a samoyed.
And we said 'same family, but not a samoyed!'

Also, markings wise, her muzzle is starting to lighten significantly around the nose. :)

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Finnish lapphunds
were originally bred/developed to herd reindeer
amongst the native Saami.
There is also a Swedish lapphund,
of which a 7000 year old skeleton was found,
making it one of the older domestic dogs.

I should probably go catch some sleep after this )
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The most difficult part for me is sitting through Lumi's crying while she's in the crate,
and not going to her to settle her down.
Glen has been really good for me in that sense.
And she does settle down; though she managed to keep it up for a good thirty minutes earlier,
she then slept just fine and seemed all the better for it or - see for yourself!


There can never be just one. )

Oh! And we've taught her how to play fetch. She doesn't know 'drop' yet, but she brings it back to me every time! But she knows 'go get it!' and 'fetch!' We did it about 15 times, and at first I was using food rewards, but then just the toy and pats was enough. Fun!

She also tentatively knows her name (there's a lot of exciting things in our house right now), she's getting the hang of sit (which I ended up impromptu teaching her when she looked at my apple like - share? And I was like, sure I'll share! Let's train for sit!)
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The wriggliest puppy on the way home,
but also good enough to be quiet in her crate (after about three cries during the night)
and nice enough to let me sleep until 8.00am.
Exploratory and bold, and soft and fuzzy, and sweet and even.
And not at all camera shy.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Iiiiiiiit's -

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I'm a big fan of rescuing animals, and currently, Pedigree is running a short series called 'Underdogs' developed with Pet Rescue, which is about the pet rescue process in Australia, and about finding pets homes, and about dispelling the myths associated with rescue dogs.

The first two episodes have come out, and they're lovely:

Episode 1 - Underdogs.

Episode 2 - Underdogs.

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Because I desperately needed something to cheer me up,
due to Maybe needing to go to the vet again.
Poor Maybe.
As much as she enjoys herself;
her health is still shot to shit.

My Little Predator.

And many moooooore.... )
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about five minutes ago I was just snuggling with them
while they did this.

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I'm currently on MSN chatting with my brother, and this just happened:

Simon says: **A wild Pia appeared
Ravenari says: *rowr*
Simon says: I choose
Simon says: pokeball
Simon says: *simon throws pokeball*
Ravenari says: *oh no! the wild Pia broke free!*
Simon says: FUCK!
Ravenari says: lol.
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And I have a thousand things to do. Because it's tax-return time (end of financial year for Australians!), Centrelink time, oh, and because I got accepted for my Masters of Communications so it's enrolment and organising books time, and it's getting back to emails and getting through 300 things in my reader and 200+ Dreamwidth entries time.

Oh, and processing over 300 photos time.

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So we decided to let Moet and Maybe outside again, supervised.
We've decided against making a cat run, since we enjoy spending time outside with them; for obvious reasons. :)

Maybe engages in hallucinatory play a lot. Probably because it allows her to show off her insane acrobatics. All her claws are out, and when she gets like this, we all just back off and generally let her. Because; LOOK AT THOSE CLAWS.

many more awesomeness under the cut. Maybe was in an especially stalky mood today. )
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My Glamourkins. :)
I'm probably missing a couple,
because they tend to travel like little fairytale dreams around the house
and I find them in the oddest places.
You can find some Glamourkins for yourself, here.
The very awesome [personal profile] azhure introduced me to them, and a couple are from her too. :D


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