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This was back when Maybe was quite young,
and she was recovering from a life-threatening impaction
(which was around the time we discovered just how threatening her pica was).
Here they are,
sharing a moment.

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So Glen, Putu and I hung out yesterday afternoon,
and decided to find a park where we could go for a walk.
Because it's lovely, balmy Spring weather right now,
and great for mostly being ratbags
and scaring the locals.

I guess it started to make sense, we were just sitting on the fence, there wasn't writing on the wall; there wasn't anything at all. But if your love returns to me, if what's not turns out to be 'oh you don't know.' )
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I actually forget to use my iPhone camera a lot of the time.
But anyway, sometimes I use it, and get photos.

This is one of my favourite things that Moet does - use my leg as a headrest while we all watch TV together.

a few more under the cut, of all kinds of different things. )
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Won Five-Two!

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I'm gunna getchoo!

a truly obscene amount of photos under the cut. )
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This was a freebie commission for Glen's brother's wedding reception (it's going out as a...oh it's hard to explain, but it's gonna look cool I think.

I got Glen to hold it for a sense of scale.

Hee. And hey, look, I do something other than animals and people!

More madness under the cut. )


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