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I was sitting outside this morning,
enjoying a cool change and a smattering of rain
(I had almost forgotten what cool weather felt like),
when a group of about 20 juvenile Australian ravens flocked towards a tree behind our house.
They were far away, but I managed to catch these five flying.

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There are two photos today,
because my subject was just so beguiling.
The dragonfly flew away and then came back,
giving me two different poses.
At least someone is enjoying the heat and humidity!

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Went to Caversham earlier in the week and took some photos.
I don't have names for every animal because I am exceptionally lazy
when it comes to paying attention to signs
or scrolling through animal identification books.
So if I didn't know it off-hand, I didn't put it in.

Black breasted buzzard.

Black swan, black-breasted buzzard, red fox, leucistic kangaroos, and many mooooore. )
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It's the right time of year
for bachelor groups of unattached ravens to be forming.
So we had a gentle, small group behind our house today.
I stayed and watched them,
while Maybe watched me.

Five more under the cut. )
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One of those days where the hatred of people overwhelms the love,
and I'm left wondering how anyone ever has the energy to fight back
against fat hate, against rape apologists, against the ignorant and the blind.
And I try and remember that I used to be ignorant and blind about a lot of things,
and I'm still ignorant and blind about a lot of things,
and I've changed my mind for - what I hope - is the better.
In the meantime, have a cockatoo.

Black Cockatoo at Sunset

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It is a Saturday morning,
I think we're watching TV and not doing very much.
Yesterday we stumbled onto a 'Wellness Expo' at Hillarys.
People were promising to get people quitting smoking in 60 minutes.
With kinesiology.
I call bullshit. (Not that I have a problem with kinesiology; just with bullshit)

More under the cut. )
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I was less concerned with finding out the names of everything I was photographing
than enjoying the experience;
so a lot of these don't come with names.
But I'm hoping that doesn't detract from the experience
too much.

Read more... )
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Today we went to AQWA,
The Aquarium of Western Australia.
Where I did my due diligence and got extraordinarily motion sick
but it was totally, totally worth it.
Then we got chips in gravy, sat at the harbour, on a perfect Spring day.

Moon Flowers (Jellyfish)

More coming in later posts.
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My hair is a lot shorter now.
Also, it's a dark brown-red.
I'm a fan.
Glen's a fan.
My cats were like 'what the fuck? Get that chemical shit away from us right now.'

I am the prettiest white tammar wallaby out of all the white tammar wallabies.

Many more, including the guy in my icon - a wombat )
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We went to Caversham wildlife park yesterday.
It was pretty cool.
I got to see an adorable baby ringtail possum;
but the photos of that didn't turn out.
But adorable.

Cattle egret in breeding plumage.

With more under the cut, including a disembowelling dinosaur bird! )
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I'd say peafowl,
but they really are just all peacocks.
Only peacocks in this one;
the rest of the photos are coming tomorrow.
I'm tired, you see.

Blue and white peacocks under the cut. )
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Glen has a week off.
We celebrated the first official 'day' by going to Caversham.
We went an hour before closing,
it was windy and blustery,
there was basically no one there.

Red Fox.
More coming.

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On the way home from Northam, yesterday,
we ducked down Spencer Brook road
(and, unknowingly, followed it all the way back into Northam! Lol)
And along the way,
we found very pretty vistas.

I gotta tell you, Spring in Western Australia is something special. Well, in the parts of the state that actually *get* Spring. )
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It's definitely spring,
but early spring. In a couple of weeks,
it'll be pretty incredible.
As it is
Koondoola is always pretty incredible.
It's obvious to see why.

Donkey orchid. Diurnis magnifica

come join me in some amazing, endangered kwongan bushland. )
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The jewel beetles are here!
The jewel beetles are here!
The jewel beetles are...

It looks very unassuming, there, in the Acacia... but come and creep closer, and let me show you the kind of action that's to be had in our back yard!

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Got home late.
Looked up at the outside light,
which attracts moths.
And saw this guy.
Too tired to look up a species.

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They've started knocking down the bushland behind our house;
in preparation for building on it.
Over the past three years I've been documenting the beautiful fauna and flora that live there,
both in illustration, and in photography.
This morning I went out again.
One day, this will all be gone. One day very, very soon.

Acacia - Unidentified, because there are so many species of acacia and even my books because I have like 10 books on SW WA flower identification of 400 plants of the South-West of Australia doesn't have it. Can't be assed trawling through Florabase today. Flower buds and a blossom.

morning smiles, like the face of a newborn child. )
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We met a bloke who was the moneyman for his brother's professional fishing lifestyle.
The brother was off fishing behind Rottnest Island,
and he was talking to him on the radio,
making sure everything was okay.
Even though he said; 'this weather is nothing, but it's still good to check.'

Four more. )


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