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I was mostly focused on not taking photos,
but still managed to snap a few.
It was a nice evening,
a cool breeze but not too cold,
and some awesome fish & chips, and gelato to be had by all.

Sunset in Perth

Four more. Including, of course, some clouds. )
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On Sunday morning we had an impromptu roadtrip
through Bullsbrook / Bindoon and the Chittering region in general.
It was a lot of fun,
and is part of our habit of being 'tourists in our own state.'
One of my favourite things to do.

Patersonia juncea - Rush-leaved Patersonia

All kinds of photos - wildlife, a portrait of Glen and I, scenery, the architecture of the Catholic Agricultural College, etc. )
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There was a massive fire earlier this year that devastated the Koondoola bushland,
and unfortunately it hasn't been recovering very well at all.
Still, during our hike, we did find some signs of endemic and local herbaceous natives,
even amongst the carpet of wild gladiolus.
People often love the latter, but it's an invasive pest, and can be legally pulled up.

Podotheca gnaphaliodes along Alexander Drive. Also known as 'golden long-heads.'

More under the cut. )
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Today has been a lovely day,
complete with road trip, farm fresh oranges,
visiting an out of the way Catholic Agricultural College,
a decent nap,
and some snuggle-times with Maybe.
So now I'm in the right mood to continue these Instagram diaries.

The ceiling is better than the burgers - burger bistro.

Featuring Moet, green tea, plants, art process, chocolate, food and more Moet. )
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They get their own post.
I apologies for the bars that are visible;
they weren't up last time, and they are a photographer's worst nightmare.
But, on the plus side;
African painted dog puppies!

Romping and playing and puppy piles. )
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African painted dogs (and their puppies)
will come later.
For now, here's the first batch.
A few people have asked me what camera I use to take my photos.
I use a Canon 400DSLR, with the standard kit lenses.

Sumatran Tiger

The more including Quokkas, Tasmanian Devils, Rothschild Giraffes and Asian Elephants! )
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Phew! Last but definitely not least;
one of my favourite places in the whole world,
even more than all these other 'favourite places in the whole world' that I've been posting.
Currently nuking dinner as well,
cabanossi curry and pasta!

Boranup karri forest.

Boranup karri forest, where the spirits are generous. )
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Wow, we did a lot on Day 4.
I've actually split it into two posts,
so that the Boranup karri forest can get its own.
I was going to stagger these over several days,
but I'm getting impatient, because I have zoo photos to put up too!
Comments are love. :)

The Margaret River ghost trees.

Caves Road, with early morning light. Augusta, at the edge of the world where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet. Redgate beach, with its roll cloud. Margaret River, where the forests are dense but welcoming. Prevelly, where there are sea rocks with your name on them; welcome places to sit. )
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I have been working on totem illustrations that I can't show you yet because it's part of a super sekrit project that should - hopefully - have sneakpeeks coming soon!
In the meantime, here are the photos from day 3 of our holiday down south.
My art studio is such a mess at the moment.

Canal Rocks

Conto's Spring and Canal Rocks, where we watched the rain fall on our car and saw a pair of nankeen kestrels. )
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I'm doing these in day order, instead of any other order. Also, the karri forest will get its own post, as I went overboard. *blush* It's just so lovely there, and such a magical place for me, that I take as many photos as possible in order to try and convey that others.
I'm so silly that way.


Prevelly, Wyadup and the random chicken, Bunker Bay and the stormy day. )
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On Saturday, Putu, Glen and I went to the Museum of Western Australia
(and then to Korean BBQ)
and then we went home and watched the rest of season 1 Fringe (which is like my 10th time rewatching, but yay!)
Anyway, have some photos.

Warning: Some disturbing material under the cut. )


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