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In which I engage way too heavily in the internet,
discover a whole bunch of memes I've been missing out on,
laugh hysterically at the Sad Keanu meme,
and create my own sad Keanu,
to join me on my computer.

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This is our 'sometimes' morning ritual.
Maybe comes up and I push the keyboard back,
then she lies down in the cradle of my right arm.
And then we snuggle.
And she doesn't stop purring for as long as this continues.
Please ignore her 'fuck is that camera doing?' face. :)
And my 'bedhead sans shower' hair.

Morning, Dreamwidth! )
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Because of my relationship to D'miezak'r, the moon god, I could not watch the full eclipse.
I only was able to document the beginning, and the eclipse itself;
but had to go inside before the moon returned.
There aren't too many things I have to do for 'religious reasons,' but most of the ones I do
are centred around the moon, and his consort the sun.
However, I was still able to get some photos sans tripod.
You have my very steady hand to thank for these.

And many moooore. )
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One of those days where the hatred of people overwhelms the love,
and I'm left wondering how anyone ever has the energy to fight back
against fat hate, against rape apologists, against the ignorant and the blind.
And I try and remember that I used to be ignorant and blind about a lot of things,
and I'm still ignorant and blind about a lot of things,
and I've changed my mind for - what I hope - is the better.
In the meantime, have a cockatoo.

Black Cockatoo at Sunset

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I've had a bad few days, so I've been on the couch a bit.
Also I've had university readings and I prefer to do them away from the computer.
Maybe joins me at 'her spot.'
Sometimes she's asleep, sometimes she's watching outside, sometimes she's playing with the blinds, sometimes she comes down to have a personal cuddle and lie on me for a little while, sometimes she plays with Moet.
Actually, both cats join me when I'm on the couch. It's kind of awesome.

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A video of Moet and Maybe being adorable,
and 'helping' me assemble my new chair that Maybe herself broke.
Moet and Maybe's shenanigans - as you can see - delight me to no end.
The music is Manchester Orchestra.
They were very 'helpful.'

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My diligent chair companion,
who likes to be near me when I work if she's not in 'her spot' by the blinds in the lounge.
She didn't like that I pulled out the chair to get a photo, lol.
So this is her 'put me back please, I was sleeping' face.
Never fear, I put her back, and now she's sleeping.

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Maybe often waits for me to come to bed.
She has a very specific place that she waits,
and she does it when I don't go to bed 'early enough.'
She has a clear sense of her routine and wants me to be a part of it too.
Here she is, waiting. Alert, but patient.

It's time for bed, Pia. Isn't it? Please?

You can catch Moet's tail in the background, to the left. He doesn't bother waiting, which usually means I have to move him off my pillow when I get to my room.

'Night, DWeamers.
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So I went to Glen's parents house yesterday,
they were babysitting Glen's brother's dog Pumpkin,
a young golden retriever x poodle.
She is perhaps the sweetest dog I've ever met in my entire life.
And extraordinarily charming and well-mannered for a 7 month old.
If I could have a dog with her temperament, I might be the happiest person ever.

She's just had her Summer clip.

One more of a Pumpkin, and one of Moet. )
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I do know one thing,
my hands are out of practice for spirals.
I can do them, I just cramp sooner.
Glen keeps cooing over how much he loves this one.
Love isn't the right word for me... It's more that I know I'm on the right track.

Wandsuna - Packin' My Bag for Lolita City

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The best part about establishing rules for the Wandsuna series
is going 'off book'
but keeping enough elements (fox, costume) that it still fits.
This is easily the darkest piece I've done in the Wandsuna series.
Lolita City was a hub for 1000s of pictures of child pornography.
Apologies for all the hand-smudges that you can see; being left-handed and sketching in pencil
is a messy fun endeavour.

Wandsuna - Packin' My Bag For Lolita City

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It is a Saturday morning,
I think we're watching TV and not doing very much.
Yesterday we stumbled onto a 'Wellness Expo' at Hillarys.
People were promising to get people quitting smoking in 60 minutes.
With kinesiology.
I call bullshit. (Not that I have a problem with kinesiology; just with bullshit)

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I was less concerned with finding out the names of everything I was photographing
than enjoying the experience;
so a lot of these don't come with names.
But I'm hoping that doesn't detract from the experience
too much.

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Today we went to AQWA,
The Aquarium of Western Australia.
Where I did my due diligence and got extraordinarily motion sick
but it was totally, totally worth it.
Then we got chips in gravy, sat at the harbour, on a perfect Spring day.

Moon Flowers (Jellyfish)

More coming in later posts.
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Got my hair done.
Also coloured it.
It's only a subtle change.
It is both darker,
and redder.

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My hair is a lot shorter now.
Also, it's a dark brown-red.
I'm a fan.
Glen's a fan.
My cats were like 'what the fuck? Get that chemical shit away from us right now.'

I am the prettiest white tammar wallaby out of all the white tammar wallabies.

Many more, including the guy in my icon - a wombat )
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We went to Caversham wildlife park yesterday.
It was pretty cool.
I got to see an adorable baby ringtail possum;
but the photos of that didn't turn out.
But adorable.

Cattle egret in breeding plumage.

With more under the cut, including a disembowelling dinosaur bird! )
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I'd say peafowl,
but they really are just all peacocks.
Only peacocks in this one;
the rest of the photos are coming tomorrow.
I'm tired, you see.

Blue and white peacocks under the cut. )
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Glen has a week off.
We celebrated the first official 'day' by going to Caversham.
We went an hour before closing,
it was windy and blustery,
there was basically no one there.

Red Fox.
More coming.

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Glen took this.
So you know, I can't take credit for it.

He is still lying on the floor,
just like he was when he took it.

Moet is hanging out in his shoe kingdom (his favourite place in the world), and my feet are in shot too. Maybe is doing what she does best; explorificating things.

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