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Do you want to play Maybe?
Do you want to play?
Let's see if we can get some of this energy out,
by playing.
What do you think?

The new Photobucket is terrible. TERRIBLE. )
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We're over halfway through the heatwave,
and got some summer rain this evening
(by rain, I mean about three minutes of very light drizzle;
but I was standing outside in it!
By gods I was!)

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It only got down to 27.5C overnight,
and it was 39.5C in Ellenbrook at 11.30am this morning.
I can't believe we've got another 4 days of this.
Ah well.
Finding it hard to do much of anything in this weather.

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Last night (at around 7.30pm) was one of the most amazing skies I've ever seen.
It was close to 37C out in Ellenbrook,
and there was a ton of instability / turbulence in the skies,
producing some amazing cloud formations at sunset, as a thunderstorm rolled in.
As a result, almost none of the colours or contrasts have been tweaked inaccurately.
This is pretty much... the real fucking deal.

Mammatus clouds. It was only a small section within the cloudscape, but I've seen more Kelvin Helmholtz clouds out here than I've seen mammatus, so I was really fucking excited.

It took my breath away. Repeatedly. )
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Esmeralda is a member of the Nephila edulis species.
We aren't sure how she lost one of her legs,
but she's doing okay.
She's a lot bigger than she used to be, which isn't easily visible,
due to the close-ups.

This one is under a cut for all the arachnophobes. )
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Good morning!
It's Boxing Day here.
A day where we'll be doing nothing except hopefully seeing The Hobbit
(that's the day it gets released in Australia).
But we have to brave 41c to do that, so we'll see.

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No Christmas tree this year
(no room),
so Christmas bookshelves instead!
I like it a lot that I'm going to do it next year too.
Bookshelves should always be festive.

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I have decided to get back into proper Photos of the Day in the new year. I sort of lost my way a bit, because Instagram is so easy, but I like getting out the camera and actually taking 'proper' amateur photos. So I've started doing that again. I stopped because I also started feeling like my life was really boring and... uninteresting. That's been something I've struggled with all year. But I've decided that even if I spent every day inside, it is possible to find something that at the very least - I like or find interesting - once a day... so that's what I'm going to do. Or try to do.
My favourite subjects are of course my cats. Lol.



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Boy do I love clouds.
Shall be making a mango chicken curry today
and hopefully cleaning up some more of the study
in preparation for some pastel work.
I need to make sure all the illustration board is gone,
pastel dust gets into everything.

Five more. )
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These were taken over a period of about four hours,
which is why the colours shift a great deal.
However, the contrast was always stark.
Especially with the spreading cirrus and cumulus together.
It was pretty incredible actually,
which is why I kept going outside so much.

About seven more under the cut. )
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I really love storms.
I mean, really. I love the clouds,
the way they shred and are filled with tumult.
I love feeling like I'm standing underwater, which is also a true thing.
And I love the smell of petrichor as rain falls on hot, Perth land.

I've increased the contrast in some of the cloud photos, since I love textures and colours and moodiness. But there's a photo of our street which has accurate contrast and you can see the clouds were still pretty serious!

More under the cut. )
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I love doing before and afters with the garden,
and I've finally processed the photos, so we have some more.
Man, I remember about three and a half years ago posting up an empty block of land
with spray-on topsoil holding it all together
and no footing.

And now we have progress. I still have some neatening up around the garden beds, but all the 'big stuff' has been done. I can hardly believe it.

It's still got 'new installed look' and will weather in nicely over the next couple of weeks. I still find it amusing that if I want to 'freshing it up' I just need to run a broom over it.



Another example under the cut. )
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Distracting myself from ground compaction with photos,
didn't get much sleep last night. Only about four hours.
That's what I get for going to bed at 2.30am.
Ah well.
It's a Saturday today - so, more artwork!
Can I also mention how AWFUL Photobucket's changes are?
What photo caching site do you use? I'm thinking about changing sites.

This is Maybe with a Kong Wubba. She is only allowed to play with dog toys, since cat toys aren't strong enough for her pica.

At least the cats are cute. )
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Nothing makes me happier than before and after photos of the garden.
So here's a look at what I've been doing over the past three weekends;
which involves new baby plants,
and remulching in the old plants
and pruning a great deal. Still have to tidy things up, but we're almost ready for artificial turf to go down. And that makes me very happy.

BEFORE (November 2011)

AFTER (November 2012)

More under the cut. )
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last one for now,
didn't realise I had only 8 photos left in the folder.
so here we go.
have also been enjoying Elementary a great deal,
and I'm going to call it,
some elements are much stronger than BBC's Sherlock,
though they are very different shows.


More of Margaret River, rugged beaches, sleepy cats. )
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Been a bit quiet lately,
because of reasons,
chugging away on some writing in the background,
accidentally locked Maybe in the bathroom for two hours,
she recovered via some hardcore snuggling.

Margaret River

Photos of Margaret River and the awesome beaches / environments down south, and some of the cats being cuuuuuute. )
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Well I lost track of these,
but I have a morning free this morning,
so in amongst everything else,
here are some more pictures
of our lives. :)

This is so ridiculous I don't even know how to title it.

Featuring our intrepid troll, Maybe, a hearty stew, some art shots, and some spring wildflowers. )
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I've been working on the garden over a couple of weekends,
reading it for artificial turf.
My fingernails have black mulch embedded in them
but it's been pretty awesome,
and I can't wait for our new baby plants to grow up.

The praying mantis that visited our garden.

More photos! Also, a photo of a Nephila / orb-weaver spider, if the arachnophobes want to avoid it. )
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Putting these up is a very nice break
after the travails of today.
(In which there was a hospital visit,
two major arterial roads were closed,
and a powerline was down, and our power went out...)

My girl.

Photos of nature, art WIPs, self-portraits and Maybe. )


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