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Well I lost track of these,
but I have a morning free this morning,
so in amongst everything else,
here are some more pictures
of our lives. :)

This is so ridiculous I don't even know how to title it.

Featuring our intrepid troll, Maybe, a hearty stew, some art shots, and some spring wildflowers. )
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Things I should be doing:

- calling the paving guy to ask them how they want us to get the remainder of the payment to them.
- making crepe batter.
- tying my hair back.
- cleaning my art off the kitchen table.
- or at least pretending to clean my art off the kitchen table.
- emailing people.
- checking the mail.
- finding my Somac prescription.
- other stuff.

What I'm actually doing:

- Rickrolling myself.
- Chair dancing.

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I got up, faced the world, faced the morning, and now I'm going back to bed.

Yes, it is indeed 8.14am.

I assume the art will still be waiting for me no matter what time I get up.
The only problem is...
Moet's on my spot.


ZOMG I'm making this post public.
Because it's so insubstantiaaaaaal.
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Dear weatherperson,

If you are fucking serious that next Saturday is going to be 105F (39C) and RAINING, it is my grave disappointment to inform you that you are fired.

No love,
Seriously WTF is up with Perth weather this year???
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Have I ever gotten 904k before? I don't think I have. It's a shame I needed boosters at all to get that score, but I only needed two! If I had had an 'extra time,' I would've cracked a million.

Anyway, it's one step closer to cracking the million, which I am convinced I can do, at some point.

I've started posting the playbacks of the really high scores on Facebook. Hee.


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