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I actually was only in London for a night,
and I was there to visit a friend.
And I was also tremendously ill.
So I wasn't able to do any of the tours or anything,
but still, I managed to see some things. :)

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Towards the end of our trip we were seeing a lot of Simon's family,
and he hails from Barnetby, and he has family and friends in Messingham,
and their local ocean stomping ground was Cleethorpes and such.
It was cold, despite the blue skies (actually colder, because there
were no clouds to hold in any humid air or warmth)
but it was a good day.

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We ended up in Messingham, isolated from public transport or even safe walkways
because of family, but it ended up being a great place to stay.
Because we were in a golf-course log cabin,
I would get up every morning and watch the birds around the place.
I found Messingham difficult, but the skies were kindest to me here.

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We had both Bakewell pudding and the tart in Bakewell.
They were okay, I think?
I was all bakery-fooded out.
I had never missed like...refreshing types of food more than when we were in Bakewell, since my parents tend to go to pubs and bakeries for food.
I ended up eating a lot of salads at home to make up for all the doughy-urghness.

The river Wye

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14,0000000 photos of Bakewell later...heh.
Meanwhile, my mouth is killing me today.
I've been diagnosed with temporo-mandibular jaw disorder,
and I have gone straight from diagnosis to having quite a shitty version of it.
Don't wish it (or PTSD for that matter) on anyone.
Have some photos instead.

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Yeah I have a lot of Bakewell photos.
Bakewell, home of the Bakewell tart!
(Proper Bakewell tarts were weird, but not bad).
Actually, three different places claim they are the original home
of the Bakewell tart,
just like two different place claim to be Shakespeare's official place of birth, so huzzah for cashing in on tourism!

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Also known as Shakespeare's birthplace!
We were only here for a night,
and alas, I didn't get too many photos.
Also no one can agree on where Shakespeare was actually born.
But anyway, it's definitely a place steeped in history, and it was pretty incredible
eating at a pub that had been open since 1470-ish.
Because let me tell you,
we have nothing like that here in Australia.
Permanent residences didn't exist until settlement.

But first, nothing to do with Shakespeare!

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I almost didn't make it here,
because I ended up having a breakdown in the morning,
because of thorny family reasons.
But in the end I went, and I was glad.
This was the only place I'd asked if we could go to.

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We weren't in Chichester long.
We were mostly there to visit Mum's half-sister and her kids,
so I got to meet an Aunt and some cousins for the first time.
It was busy with post Christmas sales,
since we were there on the 27th and 28th.

Outside Chichester Cathedral.

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Saw The National
live at Belvoir Amphitheatre on Friday night,
and it was seriously awesome.
But I've managed to make my bronchitis relapse a little bit.

West Wittering church.

Cuz everybody's bones are just holy branches. )
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so, i was in england from the 26th of december
until mid february. and then i was in singapore.
as you can imagine i took a lot of photos.
they're all going to be beneath cuts
to save people's eyesssssss.

(i'll be posting in stages)

these are a mix of camera photos and iphone photos.

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