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However, if you want to try your luck, contact me at for what you've got in mind and prices. I always have originals for sale over at My Etsy account.
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I was digging through some really old artwork (looking for somethign else entirely) and I found an illustration of Vavale as Cosmic Creatrix, way before my style was fully established. So probably from about 7 or 8 years ago, when I was still only working in regular ink, coloured pencil, and cartridge paper.

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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 39

Commissions aside, what do I work on next?

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'Totem' pictures of Totoro and Heen from Miyazaki's films.
10 (25.6%)

'Totem' illustrations of Pokemon.
7 (17.9%)

that Wandsuna picture you keep on talking about.
22 (56.4%)

Something else, I will expand in a comment!
0 (0.0%)

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Hi everyone.

I was the Winner for the 2011 Rose & Bay Award for Crowdfunding, in the Art category. Thanks to those who voted! :)

I highly recommend you go check out the other winners, because they are seriously epic. I have been obsessed with Khaos Komix since discovering them!
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So. Those who know my Wandsuna series, know I like to use animals and colours in said Wandsuna series to express other concepts, abstract emotions, people, or feelings, or other things entirely.

Those symbolic connections are based on very personal symbolism. For example, the fox isn't used because of its connection to 'Fox as Totem', and is entirely based on a personal relationship with fox and my encounters with it in 'real life.'

If you could represent an abstract or a concept through a colour or an animal in the Wandsuna mythology, what would you choose? How would you represent your self? And why would you choose that animal, colour, or something else entirely? Would different representations change what it meant? (For example, in the Wandsuna series, a leashed fox means something entirely opposite of an unleashed fox).

Just curious to see how people would build up their own personal symbologies. If you're not comfortable explaining why you'd use certain animals or colours to represent certain things, feel free not to. :)
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Another illustration for the Future Imperfect exhibition.
In which my brief was to depict augmented animals
being used for future human profit and gain.
The other in the series is The Sea Shepherd.

Portable Photovoltaic Systems
- original to be available at the Natcon 50 exhibition in Easter 2011 (all things being equal) -

Ravens - originally bringers and stealers of the sun in great mythology - become modified to absorb sun for the people, and then discharge it regularly into power stations.

Three more under the cut. Details and so on! )
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The 'as totems' expansion oracle deck would - theoretically - be a deck that you could build and expand yourself. With over 250 'as totems' illustrations already, from all the major countries in the world, and the plan to introduce more specialised species, it will be possible to buy limited edition releases, build a base deck, and in the end, create a deck that is specific to your region, your favourite animals, your client's guides, and so on.

The Australian Animal Oracle Deck is a complete deck featuring 72 animals broken down into arcanas such as 'the big players' 'ferals' 'the quiet helpers' and so on. You can see all the images and meanings here:

Obviously I'll be tweaking things, but this is what the actual size of the cards would look like; so you can see the resolution and the quality of the text right now. What do you think?
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Both can be found at Etsy for sale, along with other art!

You can also find details (i.e. materials used, size), price and other things there.

Please click on the thumbnails for direct links to each Etsy page.

Green-Gold Foxes

Green-Gold Peacocks

larger, more detailed pictures under the cut. )
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Both available for sale at Etsy!

Click the thumbnails to find the respective Etsy listings, details and prices.

Bronze Kangaroos

Bronze Spiders

Larger versions of both under the cut. )
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All will be for sale specifically through Etsy once completed, since I want to increase the amount of sales/feedback and heighten the profile of the shop.

Three more under the cut. )
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They'll have very similar colour schemes to the wrens and the rabbits. :)

ZOMG I am doing art again!
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These will be listed on Etsy later, but for now, here's the photos. :)

Silver Wrens.

Silver Rabbits.

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Lord Howe Swamphens
Porphyrio albus



38 x 51cm / 15 x 20 in
Original for sale - POA
Crescent illustrator's board, technical pens, aquarelle, metallic paint.

larger under the cut. )
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I loooooove the colours in this. There's tricks to getting red/purple right, I think. Which usually involves staying away from very blue-based purples and sticking with violets and mauves, and staying away from too many orange-based reds and sticking with blue-based reds.

Raaaavens are fun to draw.

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I'm in love with this one.

I've been wanting to revisit Platypus energy for ages, and then in a lovely bit of synchronicity, a client emailed me to commission this:

The Swimming Platypus

larger version under the cut. )
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This poll is ANONYMOUSE! Yes, even anonymouse to me. (Apologies for the spelling, I's...anonymouse!)

Poll #4789 Money is no object...
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 69

If money was no object, which series of my artworks would you most like to own? (If any).

View Answers

Wandsuna Series
33 (47.8%)

That Fairytale Series that you do
35 (50.7%)

Just lots and lots of totems
37 (53.6%)

You would, of course, live in my basement and draw whatever I wanted and I would feed you chocolate and take you for walks in the woods.
33 (47.8%)

Something Fantastical (Gryphons/Dragons/Unicorns etc.)
29 (42.0%)

Something in Pastels
14 (20.3%)

Remember those Faux Birds of Paradise? Are you EVER going to do any more of them?
22 (31.9%)

Something twee. Startail. Angelbears. Velociraptor Girl and Snellosaurus
11 (15.9%)

Something spiritual; big-ass portrait of a god or something.
42 (60.9%)

Other (I will honestly endeavour to leave a comment, for reals)
11 (15.9%)

NOTHING! BAHAHAHAHA! I'm not here for your art, woman!
4 (5.8%)

You do art?
1 (1.4%)

Ticky box!
36 (52.2%)

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Well, when you get pinged, you get pinged.

It never takes me long to sketch these out anyway. It's that dastardly inking process that gets me.

Arctic Hare

I actually haven't had a substantial lunch today. I honestly meant to, but then I got distracted so I'm nomming on unsalted almonds instead. )


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