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A few days here.
I have somehow stuffed my right shoulder
(I say 'somehow' but I actually did it frolicking in the garden last night
at around midnight.
Yes, I said frolicking).
Like a newborn lamb.

Smoke close-ups, a couple of donuts, and an insipid cross-stitch under the cut... )
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Bullsbrook are on emergency warning to evacuate if way is clear,
homes and lives are at risk.
There are around 3 fires in the area right now.
Keeping an eye out.
Smoke is being blown directly over our house again,
gotta love a strong westerly.

Though we're only on 'alert / advice' right now, and not on watch/act or emergency ourselves. )
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We have been downgraded to a watch/act warning.
Hope no homes are lost,
but it's not likely.
We are prepared to evacuate if necessary.
But hopefully North Ellenbrook will now be okay.
I didn't actually catch the smoke at its most sinister, mostly to be away from the heat.

Four more under the cut. )
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This is the photo of the day for both today and yesterday,
since yesterday I conked out at 10.00pm
and didn't end up processing the photo I took.
Continuing on a theme of the study.
Here we have the art-desk and the south-east corner (part of the art desk).
The art desk is usually a little cleaner than this (or at least, more covered in pencils and paints and so forth),
but it's also being used as a bit of a shelf right now,
since I'm not doing as much art.

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Gotta be honest, this is more of a 'quick I need somewhere to put stuff, so I'll shove it here,' corner.
So there's art supplies for the future that haven't been packed up yet,
there's cuts of illustration board that haven't been drawn on yet.
There's a lot of books that I've read,
and a couple I haven't (really looking forward to Television Dramatic Dialogue, which also looks critically at how the television drama genre has actually shaped the way we speak to each other and expect interpersonal dialogue to happen in *real life* as well.)
There's a beanie baby from like...12 years ago.
Spare bubblewrap for packaging large images, a CD storage thingie,
two paperblanks journals (one for information on animal guides,
and another for... *checks* oh, it's a journal.)

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Just about to head off to my endocrinology appointment,
in the meantime,
have some photos. I saw the golden glow from inside the house and I knew it meant a *great* sunset, so I bolted for my camera, and said 'Glen, get outside! It's amazeballs!' (I'm eloquent that way), and then we went outside and enjoyed about five to ten minutes of this awesomeness, before it faded away.

More under the cut. )
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Pia: 'Crap, I haven't done my photo of the day yet!'
Glen: 'We have to leave!'
Pia: 'Quick, Putu, what can I do for my photo of the day!'
Putu: [picks up lemon] 'What about this?'
Pia: 'Fuck it, that'll do, the lighting is terrible, whatever, okay, done! Let's go!'

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It's 33 minutes into 2013 here, and so far so good.
Maybe has come up for snuggles,
we've seen fireworks from our front balcony / garden / porch / portico thing,
and I've tried my hand at firework photography for the first time.
Also, the fireworks were very far away (in The Vines),
but I was very happy with this grab.

Five more. Or was it four more? I don't care, I'm like up two hours past my bedtime. )
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No Christmas tree this year
(no room),
so Christmas bookshelves instead!
I like it a lot that I'm going to do it next year too.
Bookshelves should always be festive.

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I really love storms.
I mean, really. I love the clouds,
the way they shred and are filled with tumult.
I love feeling like I'm standing underwater, which is also a true thing.
And I love the smell of petrichor as rain falls on hot, Perth land.

I've increased the contrast in some of the cloud photos, since I love textures and colours and moodiness. But there's a photo of our street which has accurate contrast and you can see the clouds were still pretty serious!

More under the cut. )
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I like clouds, very much.
Thankfully, here in Perth,
we often get some wonderful examples,
with our huge skies,
and lack of pollution.

Two more. )
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It's the right time of year
for bachelor groups of unattached ravens to be forming.
So we had a gentle, small group behind our house today.
I stayed and watched them,
while Maybe watched me.

Five more under the cut. )
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It took me long enough to get off my ass and take the photos.
And then it took a surprising amount of time to find one of the pre-existing paving.
So you know.
But here you go,
it's finally all sorted.
Now we just have to work on the rest of the garden.

From this (barring the mess):

To this:

liquid limestone - cool enough to walk on in bare feet, even on 40C days under direct sunlight. )
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According to the news, today was the hottest day in Perth in 2 years
(but not the hottest day in Ellenbrook).
So we sweltered through the day.
My knee kept saying, 'Pia, it's going to rain.'
And then it did rain. And it thundered. And there was lightning. And subsequent bushfires. And then a glorious moody sunset. The colours were just unreal.

I wish so many of you lived closer. )
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This has been rolling across Perth,
assiduously avoiding Ellenbrook (*shakes fist*),
but here's the edge of it,
looks impressive, no?
The lightning was pretty spectacular.
Maybe it will resolve into something later.

It's probably pretty obvious how much I like taking photos of clouds. )
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One of those days where the hatred of people overwhelms the love,
and I'm left wondering how anyone ever has the energy to fight back
against fat hate, against rape apologists, against the ignorant and the blind.
And I try and remember that I used to be ignorant and blind about a lot of things,
and I'm still ignorant and blind about a lot of things,
and I've changed my mind for - what I hope - is the better.
In the meantime, have a cockatoo.

Black Cockatoo at Sunset

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So Glen, Putu and I hung out yesterday afternoon,
and decided to find a park where we could go for a walk.
Because it's lovely, balmy Spring weather right now,
and great for mostly being ratbags
and scaring the locals.

I guess it started to make sense, we were just sitting on the fence, there wasn't writing on the wall; there wasn't anything at all. But if your love returns to me, if what's not turns out to be 'oh you don't know.' )
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Thunderstorms are currently rolling in from over our vast deserts.
Hello desert clouds.
You are always so interesting.
I have decided I'm a bit of a cloudophile.
Might start getting some books on the subject.

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They've started knocking down the bushland behind our house;
in preparation for building on it.
Over the past three years I've been documenting the beautiful fauna and flora that live there,
both in illustration, and in photography.
This morning I went out again.
One day, this will all be gone. One day very, very soon.

Acacia - Unidentified, because there are so many species of acacia and even my books because I have like 10 books on SW WA flower identification of 400 plants of the South-West of Australia doesn't have it. Can't be assed trawling through Florabase today. Flower buds and a blossom.

morning smiles, like the face of a newborn child. )
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Perth residents, a severe weather warning has been issued.

Secure all loose materials around the home.
You know the drill.
Time to turn off the 'puter.

Taken from behind our house.


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