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today i combined my love of abstract photography
with my love of the rain.
and i don't care if no one else likes the results
because i love them.
i should do this more often.

Tolere, L'yuvotn'r. )
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I've listened to these two The Irrepressibles songs
about 25 times each
over the past two days.
I am falling in love.

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Woke up this morning to the windows rattling in their panes,
they're doing groundworks directly behind our house again today.
So I decided to snap a photo.
My god, how didactic is Bones these days?

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I was sitting outside this morning,
enjoying a cool change and a smattering of rain
(I had almost forgotten what cool weather felt like),
when a group of about 20 juvenile Australian ravens flocked towards a tree behind our house.
They were far away, but I managed to catch these five flying.

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My glossy girl is next,
along with some dual Moet/Maybe shots,
since they decided to be extremely cute together.
I think this is the first time I've taken more photos of Moet than Maybe for a while, but my camera goes wherever it feels like.

Watching the world with eyes that go an uncanny colour in direct sunlight.

Maybe is a half-bengal, special needs rescue cat. )
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I took so many photos of the cats this morning
that I'm doing two separate posts.
One for Moet,
and one for Maybe (and Moet/Maybe together).
There'll be about 15 in each.

Hello, I am vaguely ridiculous.

Moet is a champagne tabby, he's charming and lovely, and Glen's best friend and a good buddy. )
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This will get me up to date with my photos of the day.
I've been taking photos of the foliage of native plants outside,
since I find foliage as fascinating as flowers.
So you'll find a series here.
Under one of the cuts is a tiny spider, just so you know.

Verticordia mitchelliana.

A few more under the cut. )

Maybe asking me to come to bed. She's very good these days. She sits right next to the keyboard, instead of on my hands or on the keyboard or in front of the screen. It's a very gentle (but exceedingly persistent) reminder that it's past my bedtime. When Maybe wants to go to bed, it's often time to go to bed!

One more of Maybe under the cut. )
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There are two photos today,
because my subject was just so beguiling.
The dragonfly flew away and then came back,
giving me two different poses.
At least someone is enjoying the heat and humidity!

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Listening to The Mountain Goats
and a lot of other bands this morning.
Finished with Tumblr, Facebook, my click aggregate sites (for Magistream).
About to start writing or maybe some art
but some part of my brain is also pushing me to do cross-stitch.
So we'll see. Tired today. Very, very tired.

Today's photo is under the cut due to its spidery nature. Also, due to the geometric shapes of the flyscreen itself, some people may find the photo visually disturbing. )
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Sometimes I worry I'm going to run out of ideas for photos,
which is funny because you know,
it's not even the end of January yet.
But I can always rely on the trusty garden
to give me something to look at.

Like this baby praying mantis with his arms all tucked in tight.

Or this mature grevillea blossom.

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Well, you see, we like sitting outside.
Understandable, given the spectacular sunsets and cloud formations,
and the garden itself when its in flower (which isn't now).
But it's been three and a half years before we've been able to get a table and chairs.
So actually, building one today and putting it all together was a great deal of fun.

With a Hypoestes on the table from my father. And a lovely potted lemongrass that we use for cooking all the time. :)

And one more, of ants nomming on fresh nectar from a grevillea blossom )
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One thing the photo of the day project has sort of established,
is that we get sunsets like this all the fucking time in Summer.
And that the only thing unusual,
or strange about this,
is how many people don't go outside and marvel that this is right in their back gardens
on a more regular basis.

Sunset from the back garden.

Two more. )
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Met one of the new nextdoor neighbours today, really lovely.
The hedge needed pruning.
This was never meant to be a hedge,
but the landscape architects made a mistake and put in plants that
normally have a 5 x 8 metre spread.

So, hedging it is!!!

Before - Apologies for the over-exposure!

After - It is a general rule of thumb that hedges never look nicest immediately after being hedged. Best to wait a week. But I couldn't be assed.

I'm going to need a hacksaw to add to my shears and my secateurs. And I am absolutely scratched to shit, since I am not a neat hedger, and I walk all over my plants. Also! For people who don't believe that local natives can be hedged - ta dah! This is a variety of Melaleuca. One of the best hedges I've ever seen, and smells of beautiful, sweet eucalyptus. Not only that, but a more diligent hedger could get some really lovely topiary out of these.

ETA: Yes, that is indeed a Macrozamia in our front garden. The other plants in the understorey are Hibbertia - the most cheerful of flowers!
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Was a warm night and promises to be a warm day (over 40C here in the Brook).
Woke up to altocumulus and cumulus fractus and mediocris and a bunch of others
in the cumulus family.
All clumping together,
reminding us that the thunderstorms might not be done yet.

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Because the humidity levels are so high,
raindrops are not evaporing very quickly
despite the searing temperatures.
Anyway, here, have a Corymbia ficifolia.
Gosh their new growth is so pretty.

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Reading mah book,
lying on mah pillow,
resting on the grass.
It's actually been icky weather today,
hopefully to be broken under the back of thunderstorms.

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One of the things I've really been enjoying about the artificial turf
is mostly just going outside and lying down on it.
It's quite plush, and it inhibits ants (a big problem out here),
so I'm less likely to get randomly bitten while I read.
Of course, then I got distracted by myself...

One more under the cut. )
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I actually really love this grevillea,
mostly because - so far - it provides blossoms all year round,
and is extraordinarily robust.
I'll have to find out what cultivar it is,
because out of all of the shrubbing grevilleas I've gotten, this is both hardy,
and satisfyingly beautiful.


Grevillea from the garden.

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Well, the cats haven't been outside for months,
and I decided to let them out for some supervised time today
so they could experience the grass for the first time.
It's also the first mild-ish morning since the heatwave
and I thought we could all do with some time outside.

It sometimes disturbs me to think of how destructive Maybe would be in the bushland if she had free-range outside.

Many more of both Moet and Maybe. :) )
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Esmeralda is a member of the Nephila edulis species.
We aren't sure how she lost one of her legs,
but she's doing okay.
She's a lot bigger than she used to be, which isn't easily visible,
due to the close-ups.

This one is under a cut for all the arachnophobes. )


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