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1. Went to the U-Ram Choe exhibit. It was incredible. Literally one of the most magical things I've been to in a long time. I actually got weepy, at one point. Beautiful art and engineering should come together way more often, I hope to see more kinetic sculpture exhibitions in the future.

2. Due to a cancellation, I got a placement at the genetic testing centre, who have been following our family for a little while. They need to use me to isolate and pinpoint the exact gene which causes the autosomal dominant condition Familial Paraganglioma Syndrome, so that they can screen the rest of my family members and determine who has it, and who does not. Because I've had the tumour (Carotid Body Paraganglioma) which suggests the syndrome, I'll be the foundational whatever. At the same time, I'm being tested for Ankylosing Spondylitis. That's Wednesday.

3. My Sherlock fic is coming along nicely, posted up chapter 5 the other day. I haven't been posting on the not-poignants on LJ or DW, so if you're remotely interested in my fanfiction, I'm at [ profile] notpoignant. Also working on Winter Syndicate. I've picked up a big commission job (someone has asked for 8 totems), so I've been plugging away at that too. Unfortunately, as they are all gifts spread out over the course of months, I likely won't be able to post them until possibly next year.

4. Saw Jack Charles vs. The Crown at the theatre - eye-opening and amazing. We couldn't attend our writer's festival events unfortunately though, because of health reasons and Moet needing to see the vet (he's fine).

5. Health-wise, my back is not fantastic still, and I'll be seeing a remedial and deep-tissue massage therapist about it on Tuesday. Here's hoping my touch phobia doesn't mess with the benefits of that. Otherwise, I'm doing well. Exercising a lot more (except the past two days, since I get edema when I exercise, and I don't want my tattoo swelling much more than it already has), eating well. The most recent run of blood tests came back and indicated that aside from autoimmune issues and inflammation, my overall health is fantastic.

6. Hopefully meeting with the Ace Perth Group on Monday. Scary! Have made a few new friends already though. This is all to the good.

7. Am hoping to write some more stuff exploring my own birdness over the next few weeks, and have just been thinking about topics to explore. Spiritually, things are happening, but as just about everything I'm doing right now mostly involves deeply personal matters relating to attachment issues and so on, I'm not really writing about it.

8. Been very tired the past few days, and sunk into depression last night, which has lingered this morning. I was sort of expecting this. I haven't really had a chance to take it easy over the past few weeks due to vet visits and dentist visits and impending genetic tests and so on. And I'm just very burnt out on seeing people as a result. Post-Thursday-Evening, I plan on sleeping. Forever.

9. I've launched some oracle card readings over at Etsy. Not really promoting it too much at the moment, mostly because of art and health stuff, but also because this really is - by contrast - a hobby when compared to my artwork. But still, for anyone interested, it's there. :)

10. I ordered a knitted octopus from [personal profile] kath_ballantyne the other day, in cream and blue, and he is lovely. I've named him Lestrade, and he sits on my study desk and watches me work and mostly shouts things like 'not my division!' whenever I turn to him for help. :D I love being able to order things from the crafty people around me (crafty as in you know...crafting three dimensional objects, not crafty as in cunning); part of my personal values as an artist is that I section some art profits aside to pay into supporting other artists whose work I love and adore, since I believe art/craft is respected more when artists respect their own community more, and commission each other where possible. It's not always possible, and it certainly wasn't possible at all when I first started out; but when it is I end up with a squishy cephalopod Lestrade on my desk, and that's wonderful.
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Things I should be doing:

- calling the paving guy to ask them how they want us to get the remainder of the payment to them.
- making crepe batter.
- tying my hair back.
- cleaning my art off the kitchen table.
- or at least pretending to clean my art off the kitchen table.
- emailing people.
- checking the mail.
- finding my Somac prescription.
- other stuff.

What I'm actually doing:

- Rickrolling myself.
- Chair dancing.



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