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So on a whim, during Inktober 2016, I decided to take on some fish. They're an unfamiliar subject matter for me (I think I've done like...maybe 2 or 3 bony fish as totems? Maybe?)

Illustrated in ink on illustration board, and coloured in watercolours, which are a medium I've been trying out a bit lately and am still getting the hang of.


Gillaroo (Trout) - Salmo stomachicus // Available at Etsy

 photo 2017 - Gillaroo - Salmo stomachicus 800x scan_zpsvi48mjtl.jpg

Photos )
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I was so sure I'd put this up?
Like, whoops.
Anyway, I finished this a while back.
Watercolour + gold acrylic and some iridescence on the birbs.
Common Ravens instead of Australian Ravens for once.
Will eventually be listed for sale on Etsy if I ever get around to it.


The Wisdom of the Poppy

And another birb. This one an Australian Raven.
And Corymbia ficifolia.
A coloured part of the Inktober challenge.
Again, will be listed on Etsy eventually if I ever get around to it, lol.
I used to be so diligent about that kind of thing.

Australian Raven and Corymbia ficiolia

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These were the ones I did when I was really too tired to do anything else at all.

My grumpy birbs.

They took hardly any time, and they were cute and fun and silly.

 photo 2015 - inktober day 11 grumpy birbs 650x_zpspk8v9wdw.jpg

the grumpiest birbs )
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Yes, I think I just might be able to handle the They Might Be Giants concert tonight, though I didn't make wordcount today due to nerves. *shudders*

Also, here's some more ink work! These were all just so much fun. I'm thinking about doing more of these in the future.

Lady Amherst's Pheasant and Shorea Blossom

 photo 2015 - inktober day 23 - lady amherst pheasant and shorea blossom 650x_zpsgiz6aies.jpg

Two more under the cut. )
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There's always moar.
Because you know, when I do art, I don't just do one thing. But ALL the things. (Actually 31 days of things. I didn't quit Inktober! Go me! And my wordcount for the month skated in at 59k. So a very productive month which explains the total burnout I've been feeling for the past week, lol.)

With this particular series, I made a point of researching flora found within the region that the animal is naturally found. This led to me drawing a lot of flowers I'd never drawn before, and made me realise that I love drawing flowers. e.e

Black-Footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes) and Arrowleaf Balsamroot (Balsamorhiza sagittata)

 photo 2015 - inktober day 19 - black footed ferret and arrowleaf balsamroot 800x_zps7zo6iuoj.jpg

Three more under the cut! )
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I went to Jacksons today.
My god that's a dangerous store.
(For those who don't know it's an art supply store).
I always feel ridiculous buying like a tiny tube of watercolour paint that costs like...
$50.00 O.O

Thankfully it lasts forever.

Frog and mushrooms

 photo 2015 - inktober - frog and mushrooms 650x_zpsoi7qupd9.jpg

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I've been working on Inktober pieces and I'm actually super happy that I've managed to produce something every day. And some have been of a calibre that I'm happy enough to sell. Anyway, I'll start posting them up here now. A lot will end up coloured. It's been a ton of fun, it hasn't taken away from my ability to write, and it's given me time to catch up on television for the first time in ages. Man I missed art. I need to make more time for it.

All of these pieces are done on illustration board, with a 0.1 fineliner.

Kissing Snails

 photo 2015 - kissing snails 700x_zpsijq4eokm.jpg

The selection of minimalistic pieces made mainly of dots )
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I've been arting very casually lately. But I AM participating in Inktober (draw an original ink piece every day for 31 days). We'll see how it goes.

I've not been open for commissions for about two years now. I still get asked, especially for totems, and I put people on a waitlist. But I honestly have no idea when I'll come back to it. I want to one day. Right now my path has me going a completely different direction.

Borzoi sketch. Borzoi have weird heads.

 photo 2015 - art - borzoi sketch_zpsv8uacszh.jpg

Moar. )
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So, here's the thing, recently I got myself a Moleskine journal (okay okay, I get why everyone loves them now). And then I didn't do anything with it for ages. And then the other day I was bored and so not feeling the writing and technically on holiday anyway so...

So I drew some ballpoint fishes. Tool of the trade: black kilometrico pen.

 photo 2015 08 - art fish II single 400x_zpsz6gf6fhu.jpg

Actually really happy with how they turned out! )
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It's been a while.
Using watercolours instead of watercolour pencils on flat illustration board.
Mostly just doodling.
It's not a sketch exactly.
But it's not anything very serious either.

The Seafox

 photo 2015 - seafox colour final 300_zps8y2th8ev.jpg

The Seafox - Black and White / Ink included. )
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Both done in 0.1 and 0.5 Artline Drawing System pens on illustration board.

Ayi-Ig - Elder Goddess in the Cthulhu mythos, for the She Walks in Shadows anthology, which is a kickstarted anthology of stories deriving from the Lovecraft universe, which features short stories and illustrations all produced by women, along with women editors.

 photo 2015 - She Walks in Shadows - Aya-Ig - 800 black background_zpsho7caz3m.jpg

Wirt and the Owl. Some Over the Garden Wall fanart. This was the test-run for that ^^^ lol.

 photo 2015 - otgw owl original 550x_zpsjuvu2xyy.jpg
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This is part two of two commissions,
flying to the USA tomorrow morning.
I think I need to make more reasons to travel into the Startail 'verse,
aside from the fact that it is always appealing to take a break from totem work and cartoon, it's also soothing to spend time in the cloudverse, coming up with fable/archetypal stories of magical frogs, cats, giraffes and snails. :)

The Frog that Makes Stars When it Rains
illustration board / ink / watercolour pencil
prints available here

Larger scan and photo under the cut. )

And that reminds me. Recently I decided to illustrate a gift for a long-time friend who has been going through some difficulties on and off this year. She has always been a supporter of Startail, and it made me want to create a kitty in the startail verse for her alone.

Meet Kiteheart. :)


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This is not the 'official' post for this illustration,
since I have yet to get the piece professionally scanned.
But in the meantime, I thought I might put up a photo
that highlighted the iridescence / shiny.
This piece has a LOT of shiny.
It's also the darkest colour scheme I've ever worked with.
This is an intensely personal piece, and will not be sold; though prints will be made available. Possibly limited edition prints - I haven't decided yet.

Je L'yuvoczack Bruvok
- ink, coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, mica, metallic acrylic, iridescent ink -

Larger photo under the cut. )
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This is part one of two commissions,
the second has yet to be coloured.
I love, love, love working in the Startail 'verse,
though I am much more used to cats,
it was fun to come up with a frog and giraffe design for the cloudverse.

The Giraffe that Sings Rainbows into Being
illustration board / ink / watercolour pencil
prints available here

Larger scan and photo underneath the cut. )
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So, a while ago, months ago now, I got an email from Juliet Marillier about the possibility of doing the cover art for upcoming short story anthology Prickle Moon to be published by Ticonderoga Publications.

Ridiculous excitement!

Today I am happy to show you guys the official cover, and you can see all the work in progress shots, as well as the full-wrap cover (because there is much, much more to the cover than just the front of it!) here at my Wordpress blog. Highly recommend you check out the work in progress shots, since I used a more detailed style than usual.

The book itself will be officially launched early next year, but I shall keep you all posted! :D
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Woot! Finally got around to listing the rest!
I like doing these romantic minis because - to my mind -
they represent a lot of different kinds of connection:
friendship, queerplatonic relationships, romantic/aromantic asexual relationships and friendships, and sensual/sensual relationships. Some can be interpreted in a more clearly sensual way, but others - like the viscacha - are good-natured buddies, facing the world together.
I love how much diversity there are in forms of relationship in the world, and I like being able to reflect that in this series.

White Rats
Available at Etsy

Scan under the cut. )

Silver Polarbears
Available at Etsy

Scan under the etcetera. )

Copper Viscacha
- Honestly, I love viscacha so much -
Available at Etsy

If you guessed there was a scan under here, you'd be correct! )

Violet Ravens
- These guys have been sitting in my personal connection for a long time, I've always loved the subtle interplay of the violets in this piece. But, I have decided to let them go! -
Available at Etsy

Not a scan, a second photo! )
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The scans never do justice of this softer watercolour pencil technique,
but the photos are okay. :)
Huzzah for new romantic minis! These guys are small.
So small, that the scan is larger than the originals.

Blue Foxes
Available at Etsy

Scan under the cut. )

Bronze Foxhounds
Available at Etsy

Scan under the etcetera. )

Gold-Red Peacocks (well, technically, peafowl)
Available at Etsy

If you guessed there was a scan under here, you'd be correct! )
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Yay for listing art. :)
Glen keeps walking past this one,
and commenting about how much he likes it.
Maybe he should go read up on some Norse mythology!

Huginn and Muninn
prints available at DeviantArt

A larger scan and photos under the cut. )
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It's been a while since I worked purely in ink
with absolutely no intention to colour.
So this is completed!
This was a lot of fun;
if time-consuming. :)

The Night Rabbit and the Dream Fox
Prints available

Larger version under the cut. )
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The execution of these was delayed due to that massive wolverine illustration,
so now I'm back on track
until the next massive illustration.
Also, have a commission to do first.
Eee commissions.

Metallic Mini - Blue Peacocks
Original available for sale.

Photos under the cut. )

Metallic Mini - Howling Wolves
[personal profile] tsukikokoro, do you want to get in touch with me about this one? :)

Photos under the cut. )


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