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Maybe is sitting right next to the keyboard as though I'm going to bed soon.
(I am not.)
Moet is lying down on the chair next to me and he doesn't really give a shit when I go to bed.
Unless it passes 1.00am.
And then he'll get annoyed that I'm not in bed yet, to keep him warm, lol.

Ahhhh, cats.

A nonchalant Moet appears!

These nerds. )
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Inquiring minds need to know.

Currently Maybe's nickname is 'Gremlin.'

Moet's current nickname is 'It's Not Your Dinner Time.'

And many mooooore )
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Prepare for an epic photodump! :D

Our cats aren't allowed free access to the outside world,
so they basically get supervised access, like prison inmates.

And I usually go out with my camera and annoy them.

A lot.

My beautiful girl, Maybe. She's 7 now!

Hey look there's a fuckton more. )
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I love culinary adventures. Mostly enjoying the fruits of what other people make, but there's some dishes of mine in here too.

Om nom nom.

Green Tea Tiramisu (I did not make this, lol - from Zensaki in Perth!)

 photo 2015 05 - food 08_zpsswjq27jg.jpg

Read more... )
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A few here, including one of Maybe.
Skies so blue.
But all I want is rain
and clouds
and storms.

Acacia merinthophora - with your spiky, water-conserving leaves.

Two more. )
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These two are just ridiculous.
We have spaghetti bolognese for dinner tonight.
I've been eating a lot of baby spinach lately.
It should be a crime, how good fresh baby spinach tastes.

And one more. )
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My glossy girl is next,
along with some dual Moet/Maybe shots,
since they decided to be extremely cute together.
I think this is the first time I've taken more photos of Moet than Maybe for a while, but my camera goes wherever it feels like.

Watching the world with eyes that go an uncanny colour in direct sunlight.

Maybe is a half-bengal, special needs rescue cat. )
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Sometimes Maybe will take the single, several feet jump to the top of my chair, and then lie down precariously on it for as long as she possibly can, like some kind of creepy, adorable, sinister gargoyle.
After a while she gets bored and crawls down my arm for a cuddle.
But here she's in the non-bored 'is that a camera, I'm still not moving' part of the whole process.

It's always kind of a surprise to be writing quietly or do artwork and feel the sudden hurling weight of a little cat half jumping / climbing to the top of a chair that moves. Because it always pulls me backwards a little bit. It's actually caused me to make mistakes in artwork. And, sometimes, to shriek in terror because PTSD. The things we tolerate for our pets.

I realised you can see some of my neck scar in this photo.

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This will get me up to date with my photos of the day.
I've been taking photos of the foliage of native plants outside,
since I find foliage as fascinating as flowers.
So you'll find a series here.
Under one of the cuts is a tiny spider, just so you know.

Verticordia mitchelliana.

A few more under the cut. )

Maybe asking me to come to bed. She's very good these days. She sits right next to the keyboard, instead of on my hands or on the keyboard or in front of the screen. It's a very gentle (but exceedingly persistent) reminder that it's past my bedtime. When Maybe wants to go to bed, it's often time to go to bed!

One more of Maybe under the cut. )
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Thoroughly chuffed with these photos,
mostly because they captured a really sweet and lovely moment between all of us this morning, and Moet was in an extremely charming and gently playful mood.
So for once,
the majority of photos are of Moet! :)

Now kiss!

Moet soliciting play with both Maybe and myself on a warm summer's morning. )
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Maybe's spot is right in the middle of the long couch,
so she can look out from the blinds.
It even has 'her' blanket.
And if I move her blanket, she gets upset.
But as long as her blanket is there, she's fine.
It got to the point where I actually bought another identical blanket,
so she didn't get so upset on wash days.

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Not really. It's not really an extravaganza.
It's like... 8 or 9 photos actually.
That's not really an extravaganza.
But I like the word.

More under the cut! )
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I've been leaving these late, lately!
Ah, blame it on tiredness.
In the meantime, we are in another swathe of warm days.
Oh my god,
I cannot wait for summer to be over.

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Lying down next to Maybe,
and she often meows to get my attention
as she is very vocal
and here I caught her
at the tail end of one of 'give me attention' meows.

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Well, the cats haven't been outside for months,
and I decided to let them out for some supervised time today
so they could experience the grass for the first time.
It's also the first mild-ish morning since the heatwave
and I thought we could all do with some time outside.

It sometimes disturbs me to think of how destructive Maybe would be in the bushland if she had free-range outside.

Many more of both Moet and Maybe. :) )
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Do you want to play Maybe?
Do you want to play?
Let's see if we can get some of this energy out,
by playing.
What do you think?

The new Photobucket is terrible. TERRIBLE. )
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Good morning!
It's Boxing Day here.
A day where we'll be doing nothing except hopefully seeing The Hobbit
(that's the day it gets released in Australia).
But we have to brave 41c to do that, so we'll see.

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I have decided to get back into proper Photos of the Day in the new year. I sort of lost my way a bit, because Instagram is so easy, but I like getting out the camera and actually taking 'proper' amateur photos. So I've started doing that again. I stopped because I also started feeling like my life was really boring and... uninteresting. That's been something I've struggled with all year. But I've decided that even if I spent every day inside, it is possible to find something that at the very least - I like or find interesting - once a day... so that's what I'm going to do. Or try to do.
My favourite subjects are of course my cats. Lol.



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Distracting myself from ground compaction with photos,
didn't get much sleep last night. Only about four hours.
That's what I get for going to bed at 2.30am.
Ah well.
It's a Saturday today - so, more artwork!
Can I also mention how AWFUL Photobucket's changes are?
What photo caching site do you use? I'm thinking about changing sites.

This is Maybe with a Kong Wubba. She is only allowed to play with dog toys, since cat toys aren't strong enough for her pica.

At least the cats are cute. )


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