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ETA: A lot of things have been removed, and I've been given a form response which sounds like it may have been issued before to other artists. That said, the items have been removed. I just need to double check a couple of others and go back through, but we have progress.

This 'gentleman' username Richardariton over at Ebay has been thefting my images for profit: (this one is also the cover page of DIY Totemism by Lupa).

I've sent him and am still sending him some messages (since Ebay encourages this first if you're a member, before going through their VERO system), but I don't like my chances. I've also spotted another DA artist he's infringing the copyright of too. Asshole.
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Dear weatherperson,

If you are fucking serious that next Saturday is going to be 105F (39C) and RAINING, it is my grave disappointment to inform you that you are fired.

No love,
Seriously WTF is up with Perth weather this year???


Sep. 1st, 2010 01:42 pm
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As per the ability to now cross-post your comments whether they are on screened, filtered, friends-locked or public settings of other people's posts:

"If I find out that ANYONE is reposting things from my journal to their Facebook or Twitter, even if it's their own comments, YOU ARE UNCONDITIONALLY AND WHOLLY BANNED FROM MY JOURNALS AND ANY COMMUNITIES I CREATED AND MAINTAIN. There will be no second chances on this. My journals and my Facebook do not mix. Fuck that shit." (- ganked from [ profile] ariestess)

You might as well unfriend me now, if you think this is going to be a problem. I am dead serious. Fuck Livejournal, for their growing FB style issues with privacy, that I even have to be making this warning in the first place.
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How NOT to hire an artist...
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In response...

As for finding your way around [in journeying], you usually go with a power animal.

I think this is one of the big differences between neoshamanism and core shamanism, vs. traditional shamanism. If I just went around with my 'power animal' (for which I think you mean totem or primary guide), it wouldn't be enough.

An animal spirit on its own doesn't often have the negotiation techniques necessary, particularly in the otherworlds. And some animals can't even move *between* worlds. For example while the jackal can go between the middle and underworlds, it cannot go to the upperworlds. Likewise, doves cannot travel down to the underworlds.

While there are differences in what animals can go where according to lore and variance in culture, the general consensus in almost all shamanic traditions worldwide is that 'just' a power animal isn't enough.

In fact, without contact with ancestors (or even attempting it) and spirit helpers, an animal on its own (i.e. one who is not a god or deity in disguise, but is essentially just an animal) is the sign of a flimsy shamanist, generally.

Certainly, having a 'power animal' is a great place to start visualising, and I think many people who think they're journeying with their power animal are actually visualising with their power animal (which is of course why they have such superior manipulative power over the visualisation environment).

But journeying with 'just' the animal will eventually get the shamanist into trouble. A responsible animal guide and totem knows that too, and they will tell you that it's not enough. I don't even travel with my totem as a 'guide', he would be virtually useless in some circumstances. That's why I have my spirit helpers, my ancestors, the gods, etc. One power animal? Not enough.
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In this world, at this time, you can - if you have been genetically gifted - wear scraps of fabric artfully on your body for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you can learn how to walk right, be a good spokesperson, and find yourself on one of the Next Top Models, you could maybe make more.

In this world, if you are willing to drive a big truck on a mine in Western Australia, you can make $100k plus as your starting wage. If you are a cleaner on a mine, you make around $70k. An engineer? Well... let's not tease.

In this world, if you want to work retail in Perth as a casual, you make around $18.00 an hour. If you want to work at a television station cutting advertisements together, you are lucky to make $12.00 an hour.

In this world, if you work 7 days a week, bleeding your soul out onto paper and canvas, sharing your visions with others in this world... you are lucky to scrape enough money to pay the bills, and for the most part cannot afford such a career without a supportive partner.

In this world, if you want to be a fiction writer... don't quit your day job, or make sure that someone loves you enough to support you through the rejection letters, as you realise that it is becoming harder and harder to publish with the big companies, which is one of the only chances you may get to become self-sufficient if you're not willing to sell out and spend 40 hours a week editing other people's work just to make enough money to spend a handful of hours writing your passion.

There are exceptions to all of these rules. I plan to be an exception to the art one.

But when I am being encouraged to go and clean in the mines, I become extraordinarily indignant.
It is not my fault that the general attitude of the capitalistic world is to devalue it's writers, artists, film-makers, and god forbid if you want to be a professional poet.
Gone are the days when you will be as celebratedly famous as the bitter Byron.

ART is my calling. I happen to be SKILLED at it. The only reason I am not making more
money from it, is because a great bulk of our society values supermodels and truck-drivers more.

No, I will NOT become a graphic designer, no, I will NOT teach art instead.
I am a competent artist, I am a professional artist, yes I'm constantly broke. I haven't been able to afford some of my own medical bills for some time now.

But I'm not going to succumb to the will of capitalism just because I'm scared of not becoming an exception to the 'poor artist' rule. I don't plan on being a poor artist, and like a couple of others on my Friendslist who know how hard it is, they don't plan on it either. But the fact is - we ARE at this stage of networking, making contacts, supporting each other, and working harder than many other people we know until our hands hurt and shake, until our eyes blur, until we hate our own passion, our own skill, our own products and need to just walk away and take a deep breath and go right back to it.

In any other non-artistic career, if you put this much work into an endeavour, you would be making a great deal more money. Fuck, if you were a cleaner - at this point - you would be making more money.

I find this unfair, but moreso I find this a sad representation of how much the greater world has lost sight of its artists and creators. How much you are valued if you can blow up the ground, vs. how much you are valued if you can inspire someone or move them with something visionary.

I am commercialising to a degree, I am finding that road of compromise, but I will not stand down and become a cleaner just because I'll make more money. If I don't sacrifice this dream for dishpan hands, I believe I will make enough money to one day be financially independent, sufficient, comfortable.

But fuck I have my doubts,
when the wider world doesn't seem to care either way,
just wants another labourer to tear the iron ore out of the ground
just wants another person to spill bleach onto concrete
just wants another skeleton to show off the fabric.
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There's a difference between being humble as an elder,
and completely deflecting away the honour given to you by others by simply saying that
you don't want to be one, and then that you would never be one anyway.

People don't often throw words like 'elder' around lightly (fluffies aside), and
deflecting their words and the honour given to you like a pretty 16 year old saying
'oh but I'm not pretty!' (when you secretly know you are)
is a bit of a worry if you ask me.

Throwing away the honour of what being an elder entails by going 'oh it's a drag, you get
nothing in return for it, and I'm not one anyway' (two out of three aint bad), is like saying
'being a doctor sucks, it's long hours, and people die, so saving people's lives totally
doesn't make up for it.'

Get your head read. And grow the fuck up.
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Someone on a forum stated that the 'catch-all' rule for the Otherworlds, is to realise that everything has a meaning - from the colours to the rocks on the ground to you know, everything.

If it was a dream. Sure. A visualisation? Totally. But the Otherworlds? I dunno.

If I walk down the street and see a magpie, I don't think 'oooo, it has meaning, oh and it's a MALE, it has more meaning! Look at the colours that woman chose to wear today, that has total impact on my life! She chose blue to teach me communication! Clearly!' Right? Do people do this? Because I don't.

Things exist in and of themselves, separately to me. We are all connected in one sense, but that doesn't mean that everything else around me has a specific meaning intended for me. So if I see a green tree in the otherworlds, it is not green for me, usually it is green because that's just the way it's been for centuries and that's what'll keep on happening once I'm dead and gone. A bird is not put on this earth for me, though it may come into my life to teach me something in a moment. Likewise my spirit helpers will not die when I die, they will continue on. Likewise the colour of the bench in front of me doesn't have some over-arching meaning unless I project and choose for it to have a meaning.

I wouldn't say that the Otherworlds is that concerned with us that everything we saw while there had a great meaning for us; I wouldn't say it about the real world either, and to me both feel as genuine. (The Otherworlds moreso in some cases). So I wouldn't say that finding meaning in everything is a 'catch-all' rule of the otherworlds, far more important than say...respecting yourself and the spirits around you.

But hey, who knows? Maybe I'm missing a whole world of meaning by choosing not to interpret the colours of the grain of sand on my feet. Or maybe I'm not. Why is it that people think that visualisation and the Otherworlds are the same thing?! Blah.

Anyway, I'm going to bed.
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Holy moly, I've seen more people cover Steve Irwin's death in posts on my FList (over 8 so far) in the past hour that it's disturbing (though I feel bad for his wife and two children, it's not like they will be penniless / without support / etc.) I'm sure the news in Australia will make it a headline on all the news stations even as we send illegal immigrants offshore to live in harsh conditions, even as we ignore the Australian Aboriginals who continue to live in fourth world - yes, fourth world - conditions.

Is this world skewed, or what?

I reckon the war of terror would get more coverage if everyone started killing each other with stingray barbs instead of bombs. *cough cough*
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they clearly don't know what they're doing )
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Smokey decided to show me how annoyed he was with me this morning by throwing up on my carpet. Well next time I need to throw up, I'll make sure I do it on him just to return the favour. Bloody bastard.
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I just saw this on a website;

l33t w1cc4 sk1ll5

doesn't it make you want to cry?


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