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However, if you want to try your luck, contact me at for what you've got in mind and prices. I always have originals for sale over at My Etsy account.

a thingie.

Nov. 21st, 2013 09:59 pm
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Have done a rather brutal access/subscription and community cut (100+ folks and groups). I've been so low on energy this year, and my priorities have changed. Some of you I love/d dearly, or still care for very much, but just can't read anymore. Some of you are in Perth and I still hope to meet you one day, but trust that if it's meant to be, it will happen in a way that isn't Dreamwidth. I wish you all the very best.

Some more cuts may yet come. We'll see. Comments screened if you care to leave one.
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A sketch from my sketchbook that I did today with uncontrollably shaking hands.
Nonetheless I'm quite happy with it.
Fineliner, graphite and watercolour on cartridge paper.
The JPG is a fair bit larger than the original.
Also known as the Australian knob tailed gecko.

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It's been a long time since I've done this.
Frankly, I haven't been taking many photos.
Partly because of Instagram,
but mostly because of depression and health things. Woot.

Kangaroo Paw

Wow it's been a while since I've done this. )
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I've just done a fairly massive friends-list cut (about 30+ people I think) based on a) activity (i.e. hasn't posted in over 6 months), or b) I just feel like I can't keep up, or that we don't really have a great deal in common.

As always, for those who are still here, and those who are here no longer, you are free to stay or to head off, I know my blogging habits have changed a great deal. <3 I hope everyone is going well.
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Soft pastels with two hard pastels.
Mi tientes.
Some messy fingers.
A wet teatowel.
Very unhelpful cats who decided to run all over it halfway through...

Larger version under the cut. )
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Sometimes the sky does pretty things.
I wanted my zoom lens for this shot,
but this had to do.
It was gone in about three minutes or less.
Glad I saw it when I did. :)

Hepburn Avenue, on the way to the beach.

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A few here, including one of Maybe.
Skies so blue.
But all I want is rain
and clouds
and storms.

Acacia merinthophora - with your spiky, water-conserving leaves.

Two more. )
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today i combined my love of abstract photography
with my love of the rain.
and i don't care if no one else likes the results
because i love them.
i should do this more often.

Tolere, L'yuvotn'r. )
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I've listened to these two The Irrepressibles songs
about 25 times each
over the past two days.
I am falling in love.

Read more... )
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This is a work in progress and is as yet, unfinished.
Soft pastels so far.
Some of the yellow tones have been slightly bleached out,
due to the light conditions I photographed it in.
But that's okay.

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A thing is emerging,
and I am making a mess.
There is dust everywhere.
Made a good wordcount today.
Is my energy returning?


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These two are just ridiculous.
We have spaghetti bolognese for dinner tonight.
I've been eating a lot of baby spinach lately.
It should be a crime, how good fresh baby spinach tastes.

And one more. )
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This was back when Maybe was quite young,
and she was recovering from a life-threatening impaction
(which was around the time we discovered just how threatening her pica was).
Here they are,
sharing a moment.

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Woke up this morning to the windows rattling in their panes,
they're doing groundworks directly behind our house again today.
So I decided to snap a photo.
My god, how didactic is Bones these days?

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This was by the wonderful Evgeny Hontor of Demiurgus Dreams.
I also have a wolf coming as well.
I love this raven though.
This is not his usual place,
but I shifted him to get a better photo.

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I was sitting outside this morning,
enjoying a cool change and a smattering of rain
(I had almost forgotten what cool weather felt like),
when a group of about 20 juvenile Australian ravens flocked towards a tree behind our house.
They were far away, but I managed to catch these five flying.

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My glossy girl is next,
along with some dual Moet/Maybe shots,
since they decided to be extremely cute together.
I think this is the first time I've taken more photos of Moet than Maybe for a while, but my camera goes wherever it feels like.

Watching the world with eyes that go an uncanny colour in direct sunlight.

Maybe is a half-bengal, special needs rescue cat. )
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I took so many photos of the cats this morning
that I'm doing two separate posts.
One for Moet,
and one for Maybe (and Moet/Maybe together).
There'll be about 15 in each.

Hello, I am vaguely ridiculous.

Moet is a champagne tabby, he's charming and lovely, and Glen's best friend and a good buddy. )
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A few days here.
I have somehow stuffed my right shoulder
(I say 'somehow' but I actually did it frolicking in the garden last night
at around midnight.
Yes, I said frolicking).
Like a newborn lamb.

Smoke close-ups, a couple of donuts, and an insipid cross-stitch under the cut... )


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