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I haven't been doing any 'serious' art lately. Anything I do has to take me less than fifteen minutes, lol. So here, have some of my more random sketches that didn't take me very long at all.

Child of Light fanart. I LOVE THIS GAME.

 photo 2015 05 - art 02_zpsaa1h31nb.jpg

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Soft pastels with two hard pastels.
Mi tientes.
Some messy fingers.
A wet teatowel.
Very unhelpful cats who decided to run all over it halfway through...

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Sunset Koi

I've started scrapping around with my pastels again, and came up with this sunset koi one evening. I wasn't originally going to put this up anywhere, but a fellow artist friend told me she thought it was good and as I love and trust her judgement, I decided to put it up after all. Le made up sunset koi. :) Tis scrappy, but I didn't expect to be doing anything with it other than just...doodling.


Mi Tientes pastel paper, soft pastels, pastel pencils (carbothello), NO fixative.

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All of these are under a cut.

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[ profile] toeknuckles there is chalk behind the cut, don't click!

Redoing Black Swan as Firebird

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I really miss this style of pastels, which was my predominant style in highschool, actually. Part of the 'Animals are Magic' series, of which Thylacine and Numbat are previously a member. Before that, I had a lot of artwork, particularly of brolga, done like this. It's been a long long time since I worked on black paper (which presents its own challenges), but I think I'll be doing it again soon.

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Wandsuna - The Universal Language
- original available / POA -
soft pastels and carbothellos
on 55 x 75cm mi tientes (no fixative)
December, 2009

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