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So I went to Glen's parents house yesterday,
they were babysitting Glen's brother's dog Pumpkin,
a young golden retriever x poodle.
She is perhaps the sweetest dog I've ever met in my entire life.
And extraordinarily charming and well-mannered for a 7 month old.
If I could have a dog with her temperament, I might be the happiest person ever.

She's just had her Summer clip.

One more of a Pumpkin, and one of Moet. )

Lumi. :)

Sep. 7th, 2011 04:31 pm
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Glen took this one;
I was too busy outside keeping an eye on her,
but Glen had his mobile phone
and snapped this.
She met a door to door salesman today, and got a bit of patting from him.
He told us she was a samoyed.
And we said 'same family, but not a samoyed!'

Also, markings wise, her muzzle is starting to lighten significantly around the nose. :)

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Finnish lapphunds
were originally bred/developed to herd reindeer
amongst the native Saami.
There is also a Swedish lapphund,
of which a 7000 year old skeleton was found,
making it one of the older domestic dogs.

I should probably go catch some sleep after this )
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The most difficult part for me is sitting through Lumi's crying while she's in the crate,
and not going to her to settle her down.
Glen has been really good for me in that sense.
And she does settle down; though she managed to keep it up for a good thirty minutes earlier,
she then slept just fine and seemed all the better for it or - see for yourself!


There can never be just one. )

Oh! And we've taught her how to play fetch. She doesn't know 'drop' yet, but she brings it back to me every time! But she knows 'go get it!' and 'fetch!' We did it about 15 times, and at first I was using food rewards, but then just the toy and pats was enough. Fun!

She also tentatively knows her name (there's a lot of exciting things in our house right now), she's getting the hang of sit (which I ended up impromptu teaching her when she looked at my apple like - share? And I was like, sure I'll share! Let's train for sit!)
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The wriggliest puppy on the way home,
but also good enough to be quiet in her crate (after about three cries during the night)
and nice enough to let me sleep until 8.00am.
Exploratory and bold, and soft and fuzzy, and sweet and even.
And not at all camera shy.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Iiiiiiiit's -

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Oh Missy,
she's a sweetheart,
but undersocialised and rarely walked
and often stressed.
Poor thing.
A total lapdog though.
And for those who need to know; a tenterfield terrier.

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I'm a big fan of rescuing animals, and currently, Pedigree is running a short series called 'Underdogs' developed with Pet Rescue, which is about the pet rescue process in Australia, and about finding pets homes, and about dispelling the myths associated with rescue dogs.

The first two episodes have come out, and they're lovely:

Episode 1 - Underdogs.

Episode 2 - Underdogs.


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