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A selection of my favourite Photos of the Day for 2010, in which I completed 276 days out of 365.

They are presented in chronological order from the start of the year, to the end of the year. Less than 20 were selected.

Come one, come all! At least they're not all cat shots! Honest! )
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Rumours of me working on another faux bird of paradise can be confirmed!

Another rare, island-living bird. The maned lion-tails are known for the glorious manes they grow in during breeding season. Upon successful completion of courtship, the female plucks out each of the mane feathers individually, and uses them to line her nest. The larger the mane, the more successful the nest, and the more offspring usually raised to fledge.

More information soon!

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Four mustelids.

They are - from top left to right, clockwise:

Siberian Weasel
Lesser Grison
Marbled Polecat
European Pine Marten

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Apple galette. This was the one that we didn't eat so fast that I couldn't take a photo of it. It's also the least pretty one. Oh, least pretty galette, you will still taste amazing (seriously, they were freakishly good, especially as we had them with local honey made from local bees feeding on local red gum trees).

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Watercolour pencils aren't a graceful medium when I use them.

they can end up looking kind of scrappy.

For example -
We start with this...

But we end up with this! )
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What I've been working on lately.
All work and no play makes...
makes me...

be nice and send chocolate?

And now to sleep. Too much work.
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Early Sunday morning
busy day ahead,

waterbirds and songbirds
all up in my grill.

Little Grebe
Available at Etsy / Available as Print

Larger versions under the cut. )

European Penduline Tit
Available at Etsy / Available as Print

Larger versions under the cut. )
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Well, I have the new camera lens.
So without any further ado, here are two of my recent illustrations.

Hooray birds! :)

Red Crested Pochard
Available at Etsy / Available as a Print/Mug

'I love looking beneath the surface to figure out what's really going on.'

Larger versions under the cut. )

Available at Etsy / Available as a Print/Mug

'My song and I have inspired writers for centuries, maybe you'd allow me to inspire you?'

Larger versions under the cut. )
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Things are blurry.
The sun had set.
I was in a moving car.
We were going home.
Dinner was on the menu.
It was a long day.
The sky gave us the 'usual.'

two more. )
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Satay Chicken - Or 'some of the stuff I made today, not including ginger biscuits.'

I luuuuuurve my Circulon wok. It is my favouritest thing ever.

sweet and sour plum chicken. )
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Both can be found at Etsy for sale, along with other art!

You can also find details (i.e. materials used, size), price and other things there.

Please click on the thumbnails for direct links to each Etsy page.

Green-Gold Foxes

Green-Gold Peacocks

larger, more detailed pictures under the cut. )
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Both available for sale at Etsy!

Click the thumbnails to find the respective Etsy listings, details and prices.

Bronze Kangaroos

Bronze Spiders

Larger versions of both under the cut. )
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Two today.

We went bushwalking in Koondoola this afternoon. The sun is setting late enough with Summer, that we could get there in time even considering Glen gets home late-ish. Thank goodness for the sun setting past 7.00pm even without daylight savings.

It's probably the most dreary time of year to go bushwalking, really. Especially if you go for wildflower identification. Aside from candle banksias and Nuytsia floribundas (and in Ellenbrook and the North end of Alex. Heights and Landsdale - Morrison featherflowers, or Verticordia nitens), there's not really a bevy of activity happening in the understoreys. Thankfully, the nectar dependent birds and butterflies do just fine with candle banksias and balga blossom stalks. You can see some candle banksias and Morrison featherflowers here, during last year's Summer trip through the suburb:

But even so, sometimes you'll find a yellow Calytrix like this one. :) Calytrix are easily amongst my favourite native flowers, and are endemic to Australia. They come with the understandable, and wonderful common name of 'starflowers.' They are difficult to grow in many gardens (Verticordias are easier, and that's kind of saying something), but regardless; are stunning. The yellow one featured here flowers pretty much exclusively in Summer. In Spring however, they flower in hot pink, dull pink, violet, white and so on. They flower in profusion, and leave little flower skeletons once the petals age and drop off (you can see some in this photo). The flower skeletons last all year round, until the next year, usually.

We also saw a typical skink, wriggling its way across the grey-white lateritic sands.

There were more photos, but none turned out quite right. I had to adjust the overall focus of my camera for my new glasses (new prescription), and then took photos with my old glasses, so things that looked in focus with the lens, actually weren't, thanks to overall optical adjustments. I'll figure it out one day.
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These will be listed on Etsy later, but for now, here's the photos. :)

Silver Wrens.

Silver Rabbits.

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Come on a walk around the suburb with me and Glen...

a few more under the cut. )
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Holding hands, yin and yang.


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