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Hi folks. Please spread the word! :)

The selection of what 'books' might be available is based on what I've already got a substantial amount of information on, on my Totem Dictionary or in my artwork already:

Poll #10078 What are you most interested in?
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Which of the following would you most be interested in?

An art/information book on animal totems that are Endangered.
23 (52.3%)

An art/information book on animal totems from Australia
21 (47.7%)

An art/information book on animal totems from Asia (inc. India and Russia)
21 (47.7%)

An art/information book on animal totems living in/around the world's oceans
26 (59.1%)

Other (please explain in the comments).
3 (6.8%)

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I've seen a few people writing articles like this lately, and I thought; 'hey, I'm pulling more income in than the average professional artist in Australia, why not?' (which is a sad reflection on the income of the average professional artist, and not so much a reflection of my riches and glory).

Here's what you should know about me before I start:

1. I don't have any tertiary qualifications in visual arts.

2. I started this business as a way of working while I was on a Disability Support Pension. I can't work fixed hours because of illness, but sometmes I am able to work a little bit, and because I can dictate my own hours, art is very flexible.

3. My form of business does not include working in an office with other people, or interacting with people face to face (okay, maybe once or twice a year, when I exhibited at Swancon, and when I dropped off a picture to a client that one time).

4. I am NOT a graphic designer. I don't really want to be a graphic designer. And I don't have the tools to do graphic design; so my income as an artist is based off...well...visual art. Traditional, two-dimensional visual art.

5. I am pulling in a profit off my artwork but that doesn't mean anyone should ever listen to me.


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Next step; colourng!
Also inked three out of four commissions.
I'm working on some seriously exciting projects right now.
Also, I feel this is worthy of note:

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ETA: A lot of things have been removed, and I've been given a form response which sounds like it may have been issued before to other artists. That said, the items have been removed. I just need to double check a couple of others and go back through, but we have progress.

This 'gentleman' username Richardariton over at Ebay has been thefting my images for profit: (this one is also the cover page of DIY Totemism by Lupa).

I've sent him and am still sending him some messages (since Ebay encourages this first if you're a member, before going through their VERO system), but I don't like my chances. I've also spotted another DA artist he's infringing the copyright of too. Asshole.
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Another illustration for the Future Imperfect exhibition.
In which my brief was to depict augmented animals
being used for future human profit and gain.
The other in the series is The Sea Shepherd.

Portable Photovoltaic Systems
- original to be available at the Natcon 50 exhibition in Easter 2011 (all things being equal) -

Ravens - originally bringers and stealers of the sun in great mythology - become modified to absorb sun for the people, and then discharge it regularly into power stations.

Three more under the cut. Details and so on! )
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The 'as totems' expansion oracle deck would - theoretically - be a deck that you could build and expand yourself. With over 250 'as totems' illustrations already, from all the major countries in the world, and the plan to introduce more specialised species, it will be possible to buy limited edition releases, build a base deck, and in the end, create a deck that is specific to your region, your favourite animals, your client's guides, and so on.

The Australian Animal Oracle Deck is a complete deck featuring 72 animals broken down into arcanas such as 'the big players' 'ferals' 'the quiet helpers' and so on. You can see all the images and meanings here:

Obviously I'll be tweaking things, but this is what the actual size of the cards would look like; so you can see the resolution and the quality of the text right now. What do you think?
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So happy to get this one done just before the weekend (an election weekend, no less!), wish I had a better camera though. Might be time to look at investing in a camera with enough megapixels to handle my artwork!

(This also counts as my photo of the day.)

Detail shots, larger versions and so on, underneath the cut. )

ETA: If ya like it, feel free to pimp it around. :)
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When you're an artist, people try and take advantage of you in ways they wouldn't if you had a conservative career (though whenever you're self-employed, people will generally try and take advantage of your skills).

They don't know they're doing it, because in a society that doesn't value art for the most part; it's normal not to value artists. And artists often don't know it's happening, because they're part of that society and the trend of devaluing their own work.

This came about because recently a complete stranger who I don't know from a bar of soap asked me if they could print out one of my pictures for free, and give it to a friend. I started composing a message to them along the lines of 'sure! fine! wow that's really sweet of you!' but something didn't feel right. It didn't feel right because I thought... I have a DeviantArt store to sell my prints, and I did that for a reason. So that I could survive.

This person doesn't know me. They're not a friend. They're a complete stranger asking for free art on behalf of someone else I also don't know very well.

And let me tell you now; this happens a lot.

Some family members have said things like 'I was wondering if Pia could do some art for me if she's got some spare time?' with absolutely no offers of remuneration. Nothing. I can assure you right now that if they approached other trades-people in the family, they would not be asking for free work without at least offering something in return. Even if they eventually got it for free, the offer of compensation of some kind would still be there.

These days, I'm much more conscious of what I lose when I sell things 'for cheap,' or worse, 'for free.' When I devalue my art, I teach other people that it's okay to devalue my art. If you had a family member who was a surgeon, I doubt you'd say to them 'hey, my birthday is coming up, will you give me surgery for free?' And bat your eyelashes. And I really doubt they'd then go 'oh sure! Free surgery, I do that all the time for friends and family! Free surgery is how I can afford to live!'

But if everyone treated the surgeon like they're obligated to do free surgery for all friends and family members, eventually the surgeon is going to go 'sure, I mean that week I could actually be making money to survive, but it's okay, I'll do your surgery for free. That's what surgeons do! I'll use my other job of flipping burgers to try and make up for the loss of me doing this highly skilled and uncommon service for you; though really I won't be able to make up for it through flipping burgers.'

That is the culture of art and artists in Western society. People on my friends list are guilty of it. People I meet and hardly know, and people I know very very well are guilty of it. I'M guilty of allowing it (though you can probably tell I'm getting reaaaaaally sick of it now). Friends of mine who are artists participate in this 'I will sell myself short because I'm an artist and you expect me to sell myself short' culture.

It's the expectation that bothers me. It's not like I don't freely give my art as gifts, occasional pro-bono book covers, or haven't sent pictures in the past. I do and have. I genuinely want to.

It's the expectation that because I'm an artist, I exist to do art for others, for free, or for nothing more than a 'gee, you're so talented' (I know that, that's why art costs money, because it's a rare and desirable skill that not everyone can do - even with training). It's the assumption that I am some bohemian who basically wants to spend her entire life sharing my creativity with others, but never making money off it - because bohemians live on tea and noodles and tuna and don't want for anything more than that if they have art in their lives. Right? Wrong. Or at least, certainly wrong in my case. Doctor's appointments, art supplies and a mortgage aint cheap.

I do a style of art which is uncommon, unique, and has taken me well over seven years of diligent application to get the technique to where it's at today. In that time, I've never seen anyone else do anything like it - until the past two years (and the people who do anything like it, know me, or know of my style of art).

My art style is my OWN. So much so, that I've had something like five art students through DeviantArt do essays on my work (complete with interviews) for their classes (both highschool and university level), and I've had other students (and accomplished artists) use techniques I've developed, in their own artwork, because they are aesthetically or symbolically pleasing or appropriate.

I am a skilled artist. Because I have been doing it for well over five years now - I am considered a professional by Australian standards even without a university degree. I still charge at amateur or sub-amateur rates. Some people still complain about my prices with the expectation that I should charge significantly less. Seriously.

Still, it's not all like this. There are some people who truly value my artwork, or if not, at least my career as an artist. My mentor, Jennifer Perry, is one of them (and a fucking fantastic artist in her own right). In fact she has been one of the best things to happen to me in regards to my attitudes towards my art, selling my art, and 'art as a career.'

There are repeat clients on my Flist who - despite not having much money - not only support my art, but support my career choice as an artist. I try and pay it forward by supporting artists when I can (like getting that Creatures From El sculpture, which was a hit to my savings account, but is an authentic one of a kind original, and absolutely worth it.)

But it shocks me how many people aren't like this. It shocks me regularly, and due to some events that occurred today; it's shocked me again.

So hence, this rant. And hence, no cut - because I actually think this is rather important.

If you agree with my message, please pimp it out to others.
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The following totems are all between $20 and $25 USD off if purchased through our Ravensdreaming Etsy shop, until the end of December.
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ZOMG LIKE INSANE under the cut. )
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Opalescent Rooster

Man, mad detail. It's ready for colouring now. Woot. :)

Detail under the cut. )
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- On hold -
27.5 x 39 centimetres (11 x 15 inches) on
cold-pressed illustrator's board
waterfast, archival fineliner, pencil, watercolour pencil, acrylic, gouache

No prints will be made available (or if there are, they will be very small versions), because I cannot get a high enough resolution picture of the final. Apologies.

Full process and large image with details under the cut. )
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Snow White and Rose Red

This picture broke my brain in all the right ways.

Snow White and Rose Red; check it out, yo. )

Now, onto my next project!
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For a short time only, DeviantArt is offering FREE shipping (globally, ANYWHERE, on ANYTHING) on its prints. This is for the next four days only.

So if you were thinking of getting some of my artwork in print format for Christmas, now's the time to do it!
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On the edge of a poor village, bordering the forest, lived an old man and his spoilt daughter. The daughter only ever ate one thing; rabbits. She begged her father for rabbits all the time, and refused to eat anything else.

The rest of the story, and the large picture for details are behind the cut. )


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