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Hi folks,

As you probably know, I write short totem files based on a description and keywords, and then I write long totem essays which break down those keyword meanings, explain potential shadow totem meanings and usually give some information about how best to contact the totem for self-work purposes. All of this is at Wildspeak.

In working on my new Totems of the Ocean (Vol. 1) book, I've completed all of the short totem files, but would now like to expand 10 of these into essays. I'd like to invite your input. I know of two I'm going to do already, but I'd like you to help me figure out which of the following would make great choices for the following 8. :) Thanks! Feel free to pass the word around, especially to people who you know are interested in the ocean, or ocean creatures.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 48

What totem animal would you like to see a full essay write-up for? (No more than 8 responses)

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Harbor Seal
26 (54.2%)

Antarctic Krill
19 (39.6%)

Jewel Anemone
23 (47.9%)

Yeti Crab
13 (27.1%)

Christmas Tree Worm
11 (22.9%)

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
12 (25.0%)

Atlantic Puffin
24 (50.0%)

Pompeii Worm
6 (12.5%)

Dall's Porpoise
21 (43.8%)

20 (41.7%)

Northern Lobster
15 (31.2%)

Chain Catshark
15 (31.2%)

Pineapple Sea Cucumber
13 (27.1%)

Great Shearwater
8 (16.7%)

24 (50.0%)

39 (81.2%)

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Hi folks. Please spread the word! :)

The selection of what 'books' might be available is based on what I've already got a substantial amount of information on, on my Totem Dictionary or in my artwork already:

Poll #10078 What are you most interested in?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 44

Which of the following would you most be interested in?

An art/information book on animal totems that are Endangered.
23 (52.3%)

An art/information book on animal totems from Australia
21 (47.7%)

An art/information book on animal totems from Asia (inc. India and Russia)
21 (47.7%)

An art/information book on animal totems living in/around the world's oceans
26 (59.1%)

Other (please explain in the comments).
3 (6.8%)

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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 39

Commissions aside, what do I work on next?

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'Totem' pictures of Totoro and Heen from Miyazaki's films.
10 (25.6%)

'Totem' illustrations of Pokemon.
7 (17.9%)

that Wandsuna picture you keep on talking about.
22 (56.4%)

Something else, I will expand in a comment!
0 (0.0%)

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Just letting you folks know that I have been nominated for the 2011 Rose & Bay Award in the Art Category (it's a crowdfunding award, and you can find out more about that on the landing page here)

If you are interested in voting for my art, or anyone else's art (no, you don't have to vote for me, I'm amongst some seriously awesome company), please VOTE HERE.

I was lucky enough to be nominated by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith who wrote:

"Summary: Moonvoice produces a variety of art, much of it black ink drawings tinted with watercolor pencils. Totemic and shamanic motifs previal, with amazing diversity among featured animals and birds. Moonvoice also draws at amazing speed, even though the drawings are exquisitely details: it is not rare to see a complete pencil sketch one day, inked the next, colored the third, and then on to a new sketch -- or to see several pictures at once. We get to see a lot of in-progress stuff. I've been echoing links on my blogs because the art is just that cool to watch in development.

The project is funded by print and other product sales. Moonvoice also does commissions sometimes. Audience participation includes polls (such as which animals we'd like to see, or what size a planned card deck should be) and discussions."

You can read other nominations and check out websites here. And feel free to check out the other categories and creators, patrons and artisans involved and cast your vote! :)
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Would you use an oracle deck if it was standard playing card size? (I.e. quite small for the hands in terms of shuffling?)

Normally I prefer larger decks, but 3.5 x 2.5 inches is the standard size offered and I am thinking about tweaking with layout to see if I can work with this size.

If I can, would you work with this size?

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 57

Standard playing card size (3.5 x 2.5 inches) for a tarot / oracle deck, what do you think?

For an art deck, it's kind of small, so I'd wait for a larger format.
6 (10.5%)

For an art deck, it's kind of small, but I'd still use that format.
34 (59.6%)

I don't care what size as long as I can use your artwork for self-work and divination already!!!
27 (47.4%)

I'm sight or vision impaired, that size is too small.
3 (5.3%)

I guess I'd get it, but I'd probably wait for a larger size.
4 (7.0%)

I suppose this is where I vote for the ticky box?
26 (45.6%)

Also, infinite thanks to [personal profile] tsukikokoro who has gotten me thinking about this in different ways, as well. :)
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Poll #5268 gathering thoughts (not evidence!)
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 56

As per the silver rabbits and wrens, what would you like to see done in a similar style, the most?

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Silver Foxes
32 (57.1%)

Silver Peacocks
18 (32.1%)

Copper Cats
25 (44.6%)

Copper Dogs (Retrievers)
5 (8.9%)

Gold Snakes
22 (39.3%)

Gold Finches
10 (17.9%)

Bronze Kangaroos
10 (17.9%)

Bronze Spiders
23 (41.1%)

Platinum-Blue Dolphins
8 (14.3%)

Platinum-Blue Salmon
15 (26.8%)

Green-Gold Foxes
15 (26.8%)

Green-Gold Peacocks
26 (46.4%)

Ticky box!!!
25 (44.6%)

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This poll is ANONYMOUSE! Yes, even anonymouse to me. (Apologies for the spelling, I's...anonymouse!)

Poll #4789 Money is no object...
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 69

If money was no object, which series of my artworks would you most like to own? (If any).

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Wandsuna Series
33 (47.8%)

That Fairytale Series that you do
35 (50.7%)

Just lots and lots of totems
37 (53.6%)

You would, of course, live in my basement and draw whatever I wanted and I would feed you chocolate and take you for walks in the woods.
33 (47.8%)

Something Fantastical (Gryphons/Dragons/Unicorns etc.)
29 (42.0%)

Something in Pastels
14 (20.3%)

Remember those Faux Birds of Paradise? Are you EVER going to do any more of them?
22 (31.9%)

Something twee. Startail. Angelbears. Velociraptor Girl and Snellosaurus
11 (15.9%)

Something spiritual; big-ass portrait of a god or something.
42 (60.9%)

Other (I will honestly endeavour to leave a comment, for reals)
11 (15.9%)

NOTHING! BAHAHAHAHA! I'm not here for your art, woman!
4 (5.8%)

You do art?
1 (1.4%)

Ticky box!
36 (52.2%)


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