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There was a massive fire earlier this year that devastated the Koondoola bushland,
and unfortunately it hasn't been recovering very well at all.
Still, during our hike, we did find some signs of endemic and local herbaceous natives,
even amongst the carpet of wild gladiolus.
People often love the latter, but it's an invasive pest, and can be legally pulled up.

Podotheca gnaphaliodes along Alexander Drive. Also known as 'golden long-heads.'

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It's definitely spring,
but early spring. In a couple of weeks,
it'll be pretty incredible.
As it is
Koondoola is always pretty incredible.
It's obvious to see why.

Donkey orchid. Diurnis magnifica

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Someone went to Koondoola bushland today.
(Hint: It was me).

Seeding (A Xanthorrhoea seeding.)

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Two today.

We went bushwalking in Koondoola this afternoon. The sun is setting late enough with Summer, that we could get there in time even considering Glen gets home late-ish. Thank goodness for the sun setting past 7.00pm even without daylight savings.

It's probably the most dreary time of year to go bushwalking, really. Especially if you go for wildflower identification. Aside from candle banksias and Nuytsia floribundas (and in Ellenbrook and the North end of Alex. Heights and Landsdale - Morrison featherflowers, or Verticordia nitens), there's not really a bevy of activity happening in the understoreys. Thankfully, the nectar dependent birds and butterflies do just fine with candle banksias and balga blossom stalks. You can see some candle banksias and Morrison featherflowers here, during last year's Summer trip through the suburb:

But even so, sometimes you'll find a yellow Calytrix like this one. :) Calytrix are easily amongst my favourite native flowers, and are endemic to Australia. They come with the understandable, and wonderful common name of 'starflowers.' They are difficult to grow in many gardens (Verticordias are easier, and that's kind of saying something), but regardless; are stunning. The yellow one featured here flowers pretty much exclusively in Summer. In Spring however, they flower in hot pink, dull pink, violet, white and so on. They flower in profusion, and leave little flower skeletons once the petals age and drop off (you can see some in this photo). The flower skeletons last all year round, until the next year, usually.

We also saw a typical skink, wriggling its way across the grey-white lateritic sands.

There were more photos, but none turned out quite right. I had to adjust the overall focus of my camera for my new glasses (new prescription), and then took photos with my old glasses, so things that looked in focus with the lens, actually weren't, thanks to overall optical adjustments. I'll figure it out one day.
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I missed Koondoola.

Daviesia divaricata

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Went on a mega walk through Koondoola yesterday, the longest I've been on in easily over 2 years. It was amazing. We saw a Western brush wallaby almost flying through the undergrowth, a lot of 28 parrots, and an inordinate number of wattlebirds chasing each other about.

It was just lovely to walk the land again. Dieback has more of a stranglehold on the banksias, which is really sad. But... the land is evolving, and who knows how it will adapt to deal with it. I don't know. I do worry though.

While I could ramble on and on about spirits and 'zomg spirit spiders' and such, I'd rather just share a whole heap of photos with you. :) It's not even a flowering season at the moment, aside form a handful of plants, but that's okay.

For those who are keeping up with Tem's Lucky Paw, there are pictures of the Calytrix or 'spirit spiders' within. :)

Koondoola bushland photos, including Menzies banksia, stinkwood, Calytrix - 'spirit spiders' and just general chicanery )
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I finally got my very first tick-bite. )


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