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2. I feel strongly about trigger warnings and cutting things for sensitive content. I will try and catch a lot of things here under cuts (or filters). I have endeavoured to make this a safe space. However this is first and foremost a safe space for me, which means sometimes I am posting when I'm not in the right frame of mind to trigger warn or place things under cuts.

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After a wonderful request from [personal profile] white_rabbit
who asked to see the Sandhill Crane
I decided to work with Cranes next.
I'm really enjoying working with three from the same family at once right now,
since it both highlights their similarities, but also their differences more clearly to me,
and distinguishes them more as totems, so you no longer are left with a generic 'Crane.'

Siberian Crane || Leucogeranus leucogeranus || Etsy

‘If you approach me, do so with respect, please. I do not suffer fools lightly. I have much wisdom to share, but just as you are discerning enough to find your way to me, allow me to be discerning too. Both of us will be firm about our limits and what we wish to achieve together. You may find me harsh after the softness of some, but my wisdom is that of patience and grace and timing. Give me months, not a single day, give me observation, not the need to simply grab the wisdom you need and run. There are other cranes who will tolerate that far better than I will. Let our respect be mutual, let our connection be deep, let us look to the skies together while keeping our feet firmly on the ground, knowing exactly when we need to fly, to undertake our longest journeys in life.’


Long journeys. A complicated history. A capacity for unexpectedly deep insight. This is mine, that is yours. Firm boundaries. Using threat if necessary. Day energy and affinity with the sun. Guarding and protecting loved ones. Possible violence and aggressive urges when stressed. Instincts. Shamanism. A connection to the celestial and celestial spirits. Solar magic. The sacredness of spring. Patience. Grace. Watch and wait. The perfect opportunity. Focus. Honed awareness. The Ogham. Timing. Dancing. Insight is coming. Marshland and wetland energy.

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Sandhill Crane || Antigone canadensis || Etsy

‘Come, come! There is strength in numbers! Stand by me! We’ll- Oh? You wish to learn from me? Well, well, but you do realise what you’re getting yourself into, don’t you? I require your eloquence. I’ll need you to immerse yourself in words and poetry, I’ll need you to look back deep into your ancestry – and mine! – and I’ll want you to look at your bloodlines and tell me if you know how far back they go. I am one of the oldest known birds in the entire world, and here I stand, still a master of timing and insight. We’ll have an exchange then, a call and response, a diaphony that extends into the opaque alphabets that are no more hard to understand than I am once you give me some of your time. When you tire of words, we will dance together, and you will see into the truth of elegance itself.’


Two voices as one. Unison. Associations with death and frightening mythologies. Close partnerships. Comrades. Banding together. Solidarity. Defend yourself. Birds in ancestry. Dancing. Leadership roles. Patience. Grace. Watch and wait. The perfect opportunity. Focus. Honed awareness. The Ogham. Timing. Insight is coming. Marshland and wetland energy.

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Demoiselle Crane || Grus virgo || Etsy

‘Welcome, you may join me, let us take some time together in silence before we speak. Show me how you move that body of yours. Are you stronger than you look? Weaker? Are you sorrowful or heartbroken? Does the weight of the world weigh you down? Do you remember how to dance, or even sing? You are more stubborn than most, I can tell, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. We build ourselves on the bedrock of endurance and solidarity, though to the rest of the world, it may seem that we are only graceful. I ask that you remember your grace, celebrate your body, embrace your form. With me, you will learn that writing poetry is not just something you do with words, but with your entire being.’


Poetry and writing. Grace. Patience. Elegance. Choosing the hard way over the easy way. Rigidity. Difficult journeys. Grief and heartbreak. Flatland energy. Stronger than you look. Absolute endurance. Femininity. Watch and wait. The perfect opportunity. Focus. Honed awareness. Dancing. The Ogham. Timing. Insight is coming.

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I don't actually think I've ever illustrated Cranes like this before,
which is a CRIME
because I actually love these dinobirb sabre-beaked beauties.
Did you know the Siberian Crane sometimes kills their mates?
Savage. :D

Demoiselle Crane // Grus virgo

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Sandhill Crane // Antigone canadensis

Larger image under the cut. )

Siberian Crane // Leucogeranus leucogeranus

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Honestly, I had a lot of complicated feelings doing this series of Bettas. It mostly drew my attention to the awfulness of the pet trade, that linebreeding for aggression has produced a lot of beautiful but overly aggressive pet fish that rarely live out their full lifespans in distress, even when they are kept in large tanks. Looking at the original species, instead of the B. splendens line (which, imho, is the pug/bulldog/boston terrier of the fish trade -> overbred, partly destroyed, beauty-over-temperament, aggression-over-soundness), highlighted how few people know these beautiful species exist, and those who do are often exploiting them for the aquarium trade. Many are declining in their original populations, or even Critically Endangered, exposed to population, exploited.

They are known as 'fighting fish' but in the wild many will live together and coexist with enough room to maintain territories. They are paternally nurturing. They are capable of more intimacy than some other species of fish and they are shy and easily intimidated by larger fish (one of the main reasons 'wild-type' Bettas can't actually be housed with some other species is because they are harrassed and then refuse to breed).

Spending time with these beautiful, but misunderstood energies has been a disturbing, enlightening process. These are vastly misunderstood animals, that are in their natural state, not inclined to fight to the death, and prefer to keep to themselves, in their own territory. They are shy, easily intimidated, and prefer dark places. For most people, the Betta that you have been raised to understand, is not the Betta you'll find in nature.

Betta smaragdina as Totem || Available at Etsy


Bubble magic. Murk magic. Exploitation. Powerlessness. Vulnerability. Paternal instincts. Misunderstandings. People don’t know who you are. Assumptions and first impressions. Different manifestations of masculinity. Exploited beauty. Aggression and powerlessness. Exploitation. Confinement. Small spaces. Adaptation. Integration. Filling every niche. Every place has purpose. Guardian of decomposition and decay. Dark energies. Grounding your emotions. Shyness and intimidation. Needing a place that is only yours. Understanding the necessity of the labyrinth. Flashes of insight. Intimacy. Needing a certain social order. Hierarchy and authority.

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Betta raja as Totem || Available at Etsy


Finding wisdom in the dark. Nurturing. Paternal instincts. Unfussy. Don’t be discerning. Make do with what you have. Murk magic. Exploited beauty. Aggression and powerlessness. Exploitation. Confinement. Small spaces. Adaptation. Integration. Filling every niche. Every place has purpose. Guardian of decomposition and decay. Dark energies. Grounding your emotions. Shyness and intimidation. Needing a place that is only yours. Understanding the necessity of the labyrinth. Flashes of insight. Intimacy. Needing a certain social order. Hierarchy and authority.

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Betta channoides as Totem || Available at Etsy


Paternal instinct. Nurturing. Social instincts. Sensitivity to chemicals and pollution. Streamlet magic. Exploited beauty. Aggression and powerlessness. Exploitation. Confinement. Small spaces. Adaptation. Integration. Filling every niche. Every place has purpose. Guardian of decomposition and decay. Dark energies. Grounding your emotions. Shyness and intimidation. Needing a place that is only yours. Understanding the necessity of the labyrinth. Flashes of insight. Intimacy. Needing a certain social order. Hierarchy and authority.

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Moet is doing very well for an elderly cat,
he is spry and kittenish,
playful and bolshy.
He has some 'I am an old man and you have to do what I say'
and gets annoyed when we don't.
Also yes, he still jumps to the top of the 6" cat tower happily.

Note to self: stop getting doona covers with black on them.

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Such a cutie bean.

Honestly she has far too many nicknames.
Most often, she is Chicken, or Maybe.
Mostly, we just call them 'the gremlins.'


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About Blackwood:

In a world that is still getting used to shifters, where everyone thinks omegas are second class citizens, nature photographer and omega Braden Payne lets everyone think he’s a beta. That way no one gives him a hard time and he doesn’t have to live a repeat of his failed relationship. But when his car breaks down in the remote Blackwood forest in Western Australia, without the medication that lets him hide who he is, he’s faced with what he fears most: an unmated alpha.

Government forest guardian and alpha Coll MacDubhar is tired of illegal loggers, foolish tourists and people who underestimate the wilds of Western Australia. He discovers Braden lost and in need of medical assistance in the forest he protects and knows something’s not right.

But there’s hidden depths to Braden that capture his interest, and no decent alpha would walk away when Braden’s unwelcome past comes to visit.


Release: November 23rd (Wolfenoot!)


Blackwood by Pia Foxhall (Perth Shifters #1)
- Can be read as standalone! -
Each book in the series focuses on different characters
Queer (gay/bisexual character) m/m romance
93,000 words // 267 pages (Kindle)
Cover by TiferetDesign
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Curious about the world?

Introduction to Braden Payne and Coll MacDubhar (with excerpt)

Introduction to some of the unique aspects of alpha/beta/omega worldbuilding in the Perth Shifters world
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I've been wanting to illustrate Pokemon totems,
for like years?
Oh man maybe at least 9 or 10 years?

And finally got off my ass and did one.
A ton of fun. :D



Life energy. Leaving your older selves behind. Shedding the old. Sensitivity to pollution and environment. Requiring a clean, pure space in which to thrive. Soft but determined. Compassion towards others. Sensitivity. Providing assistance. A quiet life. Deep waters. Nourishment in the deep. Seclusion. Being of rare nature. Waterfall magic. Water magic. Dragon energy.

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I've often wanted to draw some of the lesser known Corvids.
Initially the Common Raven wasn't meant to be in the batch,
but he snuck in.

In the meantime, I learned that the Common Green Magpie is very vivid green in the wild,
but turns turquoise/blue in captivity,
partly due to excess exposure to sunlight and likely because of a poor diet.

Common Green Magpie as Totem // Cissa chinensis // Available at Etsy

‘Hello! Shall we go someplace shaded? A bit quieter? Oh, I love forests, and bamboo, and keeping myself clean. Everything a magpie like me should. I’m probably not like the magpies you’re used to, or maybe you see me all the time! I don’t love the spotlight, but sometimes I’m so curious I just can’t help but be drawn to it! But I don’t like to be caged or captive, no, my feathers turn blue to match the sadness in my heart and the lack of variety in my diet. We need a rich environment to thrive, don’t we? I’m sure you do! Or you wouldn’t be here. It’s time for you to celebrate all the wonderful, different things about the life you live. You can’t live a narrow life, you must live broadly!

I can teach you how to hunt for whatever you need in life! To speak from the heart and to speak vividly. Do you want to be a strong orator? I’ve got you, friend. Are you curious? Not curious enough? Let me hop ahead and promise that it will be okay, even when it’s not, it will still be okay! Are you taking care of yourself? Are you bright minded? Is your heart shining? Come sit by me. I have enough colour to share with you, enough brightness to lend. Let’s shine together.’


The magic of evergreen and bamboo forests. The bright hunter. Finding wisdom in the dead. A glimmer of insight in dense environments. Needing a rich environment. Showing your dissatisfaction. Shady places. Curiosity. Open mindedness. Bold speaker. Growth and new beginnings. Fastidiousness and cleanliness. A bright mind, a vivid heart.

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Grey Treepie as Totem // Dendrocitta formosae // Available at Etsy

‘What’s that? You wish to speak to me? Well, I’m busy right now, I have ever so many friends, but would you like to be one of them? I hope you’re ready to join me and many others. It’s time for you to keep your eyes open in your life for all the different people around you. Enjoy their company, celebrate what you have in common and respect your differences, and oh, listen to the trees and leaves around you. Everything is always speaking to you, did you know? The earth, the sky, people, yourself, the trees, the leaves. I’m not going to lie, I know more about what the trees, leaves and birds say, but maybe you need to learn these things too?

Maybe you need to listen to the people around you more. Maybe you need to learn how to listen to subtle messages. Maybe you need perspective. Maybe you need to enjoy the company of others. Maybe you need perspective. Or maybe you already have a full life and you just want some company. Listen, no really, listen. We have so many things to share with you. Me and all the millions of leaves in the world. We have so many things to say.

But only if you wish to hear.’


Tree Speaker. Ogham. Leaf secrets. Whispering leaves. Listen to the subtle messages. Navigating dense situations. Diverse company. Sociability. Enjoying diversity. The company of others. Getting perspective. Many voices. Agility. Quick wit and reflexes. Preferring to be unseen. A subtle cleverness. A full life.

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Common Raven as Totem II // Corvus corax // SOLD

‘I see, I see, you’ve come to me, have you? I’m something of a classic, after all. Did you find me in the literature or in film? Did you hear folklore or superstition? Did you see me in the woods or hear me when you woke? Did your mother whisper of dark folklore? Or did your friend tell you of my magic? Because I’m sure you did hear of me. It seems like everyone has, at least once.

But it’s time to go beyond the stories. The story of myself, the story of yourself, let’s fly beyond them. You can turn to almost any culture where I have lived, and there will be a story. You can view nearly any point in your life and people may have a story about that too. But aren’t you more? And aren’t you ready to learn of your own inner alchemy and how that sparks magic in the world around you?

We shall go deep into magic, but you’ll need to trust yourself more than you trust me, and I suspect that you may have good intentions but shy away at the last moment. No? We’ll see. I’ve held court with many, but few stay. I’m remembered fondly by those who get to know me. Mostly. It doesn’t concern me. I have my own magic to make beyond the stories. My own love and family and culture to maintain. I am not just your object of mysticism, but a bird of vivid life. Know me. Dare to know yourself.’


Great intelligence. Ideas. Creating new possibilities. Spiritual work. Spiritual heft and insight. Problem solving. Creativity. Being wary of new ventures. Adapting and learning. Teaching others. Culture and technology. Communication and language. Group gatherings. Respect your emotional processes. Psychopomp. Mediator between life and death. The otherworldly bird. Folklore, mythology, superstition and story. Spirituality and connections to other realms. Good news and bad news. Good deeds and bad deeds. False dichotomies. Nothing is what it seems. Immanent and transcendent magic. Mundane and everyday magic. You are more than the surface of you. Go beyond the story of yourself.

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I've been doing deeper totem work lately,
and as a result instead of working with three different animal energies at once,
I've been working with one family.

In this case, it is the Vultures.

An extraordinary experience.

Egyptian Vulture // Neophron percnopterus // Original available at Etsy

Associated with Pharaohs, goddesses, gods and more, I have been revered, but I’ve also been hated. I’ve been mocked and called revolting, and I’ve been immortalised in mythology for hundreds of years. Do you know what it is to be hated and loved? I take it in my stride. I can live on the filthiest of wisdoms and when someone tells me to ‘eat shit’ I will tell them ‘gladly.’

I accept myself wholly, filthy habits and all, but can you say you do the same of yourself? What use is shame in a world where we all shit and die and turn to rot? I intimately know how short life is, how necessary death, and a vulture like me has little time for shame. I am unabashedly myself, and the gods have loved me for it.

Besides, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to understand what you’re dealing with. Sometimes you need to know how to problem solve or apply your mind or dig your hands into compost and manure to know how to nourish yourself. Personally, I’d rather eat the garbage, but each to their own. If you come to me, do so with respect – I am worshipped. Leave your shame at the door, and if you can’t manage that, well- Let me teach you how to discard it.’


Life and death. Goddess and god energy. The wisdom of hills, plains and open, dry spaces. Patience. Ranging out. Soaring. The upperworlds and upperworld mythologies. Eat shit and live. Unusual interests. Your relationship to disease, decay and filth. Get your hands dirty. Cleverness. Problem solving. Shame is useless. Connection to Nekhbet, Mut and some Pharaohs. Connections with royalty. Sacredness. The life and death cycle. Sky wisdom.

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King Vulture // Sarcoramphus papa // Original available at Etsy

‘They call me the King Vulture – Urubu Rei – and I have been deified in cultures older than most can conceive. A messenger from the gods, or nature’s clean-up crew, perhaps both. Do you not look upon me and know nature’s glory? Know also then, how I feed upon decay and death and entropy, know how I keep my nest fetid to ward off predators, or how I am the one who often makes the first cut in a kill to allow other, smaller vultures to feed once I am done.

I carry within me the secrets and sacredness of life and death, I know how to find the smallest detail in the biggest picture, and find for myself a way of living. I can teach you how to speak without speaking, how to live amongst the dying, and how to centre in your own authority and sacredness.

I am the wisdom of the skies and the sky gods, the forests and the forest gods. I am not always talking on my own behalf, but sometimes on the behalf of ancient gods. But make no mistake, I am my own god, and you will respect me first before I will leave you my messages. For if you will not listen to me when you are alive, then I will still find nourishment in you when you are dead.’


The Messenger. Deification. Godliness. Sacredness. The life and death cycle. The first cut. The first taste. Doing the dirty work. Entropy and decay are necessary. You will listen to me. Authority. Sky wisdom. The upperworlds and upperworld mythologies. Getting a clear picture. Soaring. To speak without giving voice. Blood magic and blood medicine. Solar worship.

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Bearded Vulture / Lammergeier // Gypaetus barbatus // SOLD

Lucky or unlucky, I’ve been seen as both, and each comes with its consequences. The truth is, the perception of luck has less to do with me, and more to do with you. But if you’ve noticed me in your life, perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your luck as well.

Me, I’m more concerned with getting to the marrow of a matter rather than the surface interpretation. Me and death, we go way back. It’s not the flesh of life I want, but the bones, the glorious once-life within. You can tell a lot about a life by examining the bones of it. The quality of the marrow. Perhaps I am too harsh in the way I get to the truth of the matter, but it’s necessary sometimes to break something in order to find something good, hearty, wholesome.

I am the one who can find wisdom in something long after everyone else has given up on it. And you, stubborn student or willing wanderer, I can find the wisdom in you too.’


Bone wisdom. The bone breaker. Skeleton and bone magic and medicine. Mountain wisdom. Soaring. Sky wisdom. The upperworlds and upperworld mythologies. The life and death cycle. Connections to codes, cults and religions. The good and bad luck bird. Superstitions. Opportunity knocks. Getting to the marrow of a situation. Indelicacy.

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So we have been exploring local bushland pretty regularly lately,
there is a strip of Bush Forever
which is considered pretty pristine.

The Maralla Bushland has a lot of secrets still,
but we're getting to know it. :)

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The last batch of reptile photos,
include a Perentie who was very happy to model for the camera.

And also the scales of the Olive Python,
which I was just completely enamoured with.

So much glorious rainbow sheen. :D


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I doubt I'll be doing Inktober this year,
because of life stuff.

But I'm still arting.

The Black-Striped Burrowing Snake is located in the South West of Western Australia
almost no one knows its here,
yet it's called one of the most attractive snakes in Australia.

Black-Striped Burrowing Snake // Vermicella calonotus // Original available at Etsy

‘So it’s true, I have been described as one of the most attractive snakes in the whole of Australia, but I think most haven’t heard of me, and I like it that way. I gleam bright to warn others to stay back, because I don’t like to live a harsh life. The dark is quiet and good, but even better are the refuges beneath rocks and tree-stumps, in the sandy soil. I like nothing more than to be cosied up in the belly of the desert, my own belly full and my eggs growing strong. I’ll bite if you keep pushing at me, but in truth I just wish to live my own truth in my own way. This land around me, Banksias and soil and tasty worm lizards, it keeps me bright and beautiful and connected to night secrets. I’m surprised when anyone wants to slither with me for a time, but if you’re quiet and respectful, I’ll take you into the earth and show you what it is to be a nocturnal snake that enjoys the damp soils after rain. We can listen to the Banksia leaves whisper to each other, and learn the deeper secrets of a bushland as oft overlooked as I am.’


Maintaining attraction for the self. Not what people expected. Micro and macrocosm. Connection to Banksia woodlands. Sand wisdom. Circles and spirals. Humility. Art informed by truth. Creativity. Intimacy with the night and dark places. Affinity for caves and subterranean environments. Preferring gentleness over harshness. Appearance as boundary. Rain and night magic.

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European Badger (with Knotwork) // Meles meles // Original available at Etsy

‘Well! Which version of me do you want, anyway? The gruff, stubborn creature you met on TV once? The soft family creature that buries its dead that you read about in an article? I hope you’re strong enough to learn the truth. First things first, we’ll get comfortable in my home, do you have a den of your own? You should! What a terrible oversight, if you don’t. And do you know what it is to be steadfast? To value generational wisdom? Do you care for what you pass onto the world and into nature? Do you know what it means to be a warrior? Or how many kinds of warrior there are?

It seems like you have a lot to learn, and perhaps it seems overwhelming, but this is why we have our dens in the first place. To rest in the dark, amongst each other, warm and close. Strong and fierce if need be, but loyal and devoted too. I suppose, if you want to spend time with me, you’d best be ready for a long-term friend, I am no fair-weather fellow!’


Earth dog. Possessing a temper when stirred. Tolerance. Home sweet home. Warrior energy and warrior mythologies. The warrior. Strength. Loyalty. Devotion. Staying close to safe spaces. Developing tolerance and acceptance of others. Steadfastness. Generational wisdom. Passing knowledge to your progeny. Valuing heirlooms. Inverting a situation to understand its wisdom. Inversion. Shapeshifting. Local folklore and wisdom. A persistent relationship to pop culture.

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These are very belated,
since I took the photos in February.

But then like I wasn't processing my photos because
'I'm going to have radiotherapy soon.'
And then I had radiotherapy.
And now finally I'm putting them up.

Tolere, D'miezak'r.

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More lizards,
I really enjoyed these guys.

Like, it was humid and artificially WAY warmer than outside
and we were sweating in our warm clothing and it was gross,
and I still wanted to spend all the time here lol.

Merten's Water Monitor.

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The Red Foxes were very relaxed,
I think it was partly that there weren't too many people around,
and no one actually stayed by their exhibit for very long.

Which was baffling to me, because they were relaxed,
but still active.
And very, very beautiful.

Hello eye contact.

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The birds were being so spectacular,
and were wonderful models.

While I don't have the same devotion to birds that I used to
(I think it's spread more now over different animal families)
they still enamour me so very much.

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

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Entirely a post devoted to small, cute birds.
Splendid fairy wrens are currently in breeding plumage,
and the firetail finch was really adorable.
I couldn't believe how lucky I was though
to get some of those male/female shots of the splendid fairy wrens.

I seem to be having a lot of luck lately.

Female and male Splendid Fairy Wrens.

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The ostrich was with a couple of emus,
and honestly they seemed to get along really well.
But it made me wonder if the ostrich thought that emus were just
really weird ostriches.
And if the emus thought the ostrich,
was just a really weird emu...


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This mated pair were incredibly charming,
so I apologise for like 15 extremely similar photos,
but I'm not sure I'll ever see a fox pair like this again,
and so happily as well.

Just seemed to be the right time of year,
and the right time to be watching with a camera.

(Male on the left, female on the right).

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The little (fairy) penguin was very active because we were there about
twenty five minutes before its scheduled feeding time and I just get a feeling,
not many people know that exhibit is there? We were the only ones around.

Glen found the little penguin adorable,
but I really liked the crested tern. Also freshwater crocodiles.
Very sleek and narrow.

When you want to swallow a fish whole but the angle isn't right and you have to take it to the water to make the angle right.

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