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1. I am happy for people to subscribe, especially for artwork and stuff. All other content these days goes under filter. You're welcome to join! If you grant access and I like the cut of your jib, chances are I'll grant access too. :)

2. I feel strongly about trigger warnings and cutting things for sensitive content. I will try and catch a lot of things here under cuts (or filters). I have endeavoured to make this a safe space. However this is first and foremost a safe space for me, which means sometimes I am posting when I'm not in the right frame of mind to trigger warn or place things under cuts.

8 things you should know about me, if you are considering reading / friending this journal

1. I'm a creative person.

2. I'm not well. I mean really, I'm not well. I have GERD, Hereditary PGL PCC / PGL1 -> SDHD, fibromyalgia, joint hypermobility syndrome, severe TMD, IBS-D type, Sjogren's, intermittent allergic and stress-based eczema, PTSD etc.

3. I'm a pro-choice omnivore, genderfluid/genderqueer NB (preferred pronouns they/them, but still accepting she/her for now), Childfree, pansexual/panromantic/gray-asexual.

4. I believe in some weird stuff. - Firstly, because I have mental disorders. But secondly, I'm an animist. I'm 'kin and an animal person.I'm a long-term shamanist (traditional Russian practices, I'm actually technically a milti Oraima, but no one understands what that means) with a brief background in Wicca and paganism in general. I'm a hard polytheist. Gods - to me - are individual, totally fallible, not omnipotent or omniscient and they make mistakes too.

5. I hate workaholicism and I am a workaholic.

6. I have a life outside of Dreamwidth. I live with Glen and our two cats Maybe and Moet. I like bushwalking and kicking a soccer football around. I cook a damn fine meal, and hate vacuuming with an irrational, venomous passion. If I'm happy, I don't always post about it. If I'm sad, I don't always post about it. I use my journal the way I want to, and it's not 'my life.' Thank goodness.

7. I like media. A lot. John Fiske is one of my personal heroes. Rod Giblett changed my life. If you easily dismiss whole schools of research and think TV (and pop culture) destroys the brain, is stupid, and people shouldn't ever watch it; you're probably not gonna like me very much! I've got a BA Comm and have commenced my Masters.

8. I LOVE FANDOM. While I may not talk about it often, I am super active in fandom under different names, and this is a fandom friendly space.
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