Nov. 26th, 2012

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I had a commission request
under one of the 'mini totems' slots.
I've recently started offering mini totem slots,
and they're small, and fun,
and also you know, vultures are AWESOME.

The Sun Sentinel - Turkey Vulture

Larger scan and photo under the cut. )
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This is part two of two commissions,
flying to the USA tomorrow morning.
I think I need to make more reasons to travel into the Startail 'verse,
aside from the fact that it is always appealing to take a break from totem work and cartoon, it's also soothing to spend time in the cloudverse, coming up with fable/archetypal stories of magical frogs, cats, giraffes and snails. :)

The Frog that Makes Stars When it Rains
illustration board / ink / watercolour pencil
prints available here

Larger scan and photo under the cut. )

And that reminds me. Recently I decided to illustrate a gift for a long-time friend who has been going through some difficulties on and off this year. She has always been a supporter of Startail, and it made me want to create a kitty in the startail verse for her alone.

Meet Kiteheart. :)


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I really love storms.
I mean, really. I love the clouds,
the way they shred and are filled with tumult.
I love feeling like I'm standing underwater, which is also a true thing.
And I love the smell of petrichor as rain falls on hot, Perth land.

I've increased the contrast in some of the cloud photos, since I love textures and colours and moodiness. But there's a photo of our street which has accurate contrast and you can see the clouds were still pretty serious!

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