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So we've just come to the end of a fairly intense heatwave.
In Ellenbrook, because we don't get the seabreeze, and heat swelters against the Darling Scarp, it's always about 2-4C more than it is in the Perth metro area.
So we've mostly been dealing with average temps of 41C for four days in a row. (A range of about 105-110F for USians).
Complete with high humidity.
Last night, the weather broke down as a degrading tropical cyclone system approached.
And now today, we have rain.

But here were the clouds from last night's sunset, which was glorious.

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 12_zpsemhq9uea.jpg

Earlier in the afternoon:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 03_zps1lolsmbn.jpg

The beginning of the sunset:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 04_zpskimpwtu0.jpg

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 10_zpspossezdu.jpg

The light changes (facing West here):

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 05_zpsonpyzxvy.jpg

Facing North-West:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 06_zpslywqb63d.jpg

Facing North-North-West (and with the tops of houses for scale):

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 08_zpserkt2itz.jpg

Facing South-East:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 02_zpsjmjrhuwf.jpg

Directly above:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 09_zps8shfydrj.jpg

This section had a really interesting bit of mammatus:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 13_zps2jngd1mw.jpg

So I took a close up:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 14_zpsixpvg1sg.jpg

Towards the end of the sunset:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 15_zpsespbuau3.jpg

And so night begins to fall:

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 16_zpsgbjmg1wv.jpg


 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 01_zps6mdum84a.jpg

Date: 2017-01-31 10:18 am (UTC)
kath_ballantyne: Circle that is half Captain America's Shield and half Winter Soldier Star and lines representing the metal arm (Default)
From: [personal profile] kath_ballantyne
If I lived in Victoria I'd qualify straight away but here it depends on the doctors. And right now I don't have a GP. If any of the doctors had ever sent me to get the blood pressure/heart rate thing diagnosed I'd probably be fine.

The room is quite small. I think even a basic store bought one would do better than the old one we have. So I guess we can only go upwards?


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