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2017-07-27 09:41 pm

[Photos] As I write this Maybe and Moet are on either side of me. 3/3

Maybe is sitting right next to the keyboard as though I'm going to bed soon.
(I am not.)
Moet is lying down on the chair next to me and he doesn't really give a shit when I go to bed.
Unless it passes 1.00am.
And then he'll get annoyed that I'm not in bed yet, to keep him warm, lol.

Ahhhh, cats.

A nonchalant Moet appears!

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2017-07-27 09:34 pm

[Photos] Do I even have another cat called Moet? 2/3

Inquiring minds need to know.

Currently Maybe's nickname is 'Gremlin.'

Moet's current nickname is 'It's Not Your Dinner Time.'

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2017-07-27 09:16 pm

[Photos] It's been too long since I spammed folks with cat pictures! 1/3

Prepare for an epic photodump! :D

Our cats aren't allowed free access to the outside world,
so they basically get supervised access, like prison inmates.

And I usually go out with my camera and annoy them.

A lot.

My beautiful girl, Maybe. She's 7 now!

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2017-05-06 05:53 pm
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Melbourne Zoo Part III

We were there at feeding time,
which was why we caught a lot of active animals,
that are often sleeping or not visible.
I usually go to the Zoo really early in the morning,
but since taking Endep and Valdoxan I can't do that anymore.
Unexpected benefits - arriving at a Zoo at feeding time. :)


 photo 2017 - 0501 - zoo tiger 05_zps1fwnowgd.jpg

I took a few of that tiger. And giraffes, because giraffes! )
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2017-05-06 05:47 pm
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Melbourne Zoo Part II

Perfume Genius has a new album out.
I want to like it more than I do.
Spent some time with the Gorillas.
We don't have them at Perth Zoo.
Of all the primates,
I think they're my favourite.

 photo 2017 - 0501 - zoo gorilla 02_zpsjm4vnphz.jpg

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2017-05-06 05:42 pm
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Melbourne Zoo Part I

I was pretty stressed over in Melbourne,
mostly because of tumours.
I'm sure I'll be far happier to go back once they're out via surgery.
And in the meantime,
Melbourne Zoo is a captivating place.
I always leave any zoo or wildlife centre
wanting to draw.

Red Panda

 photo 2017 - 0501 - zoo red panda 03_zpsswo0gb08.jpg

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2017-03-04 10:08 pm
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[Photos] Clouds singing in the summer air.

So we've had fairly miserable weather here lately. And by miserable I mean hot and muggy. (I know it's cold in most other places in the world, but here you could - literally - cook eggs on the road if the air wasn't so wet).

But wet hot air makes for wonderful cloudscapes, and a lot of the time, very beautiful sunsets.

And so here we are. :)

 photo 2017 - 0304 - clouds 03_zps4w73i85z.jpg

And so clouds. )
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2017-02-12 12:08 am
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[Photos] Hillarys in the Summer Interstitial

So while the Eastern States has been sweltering,
Perth has been having its coldest and wettest February day/s on record.
We've been having an extremely aberrant summer.

Which is lovely, except for my chronic illnesses, which don't find it so lovely.

But today was a rarity. Going to Hillarys on a Saturday afternoon to watch the sunset and grab some gelato, and it wasn't absolutely packed to the gills. What a lovely day though:

 photo 2017 - 0211 - hillarys 09_zpseoglhpf5.jpg

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2017-01-29 11:58 pm
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[Photos] A golden evening.

At a time when things are more chaotic and awful than ever,
when there is so much to be mad at, outraged at, horrified at, grief-struck at,
I need these things more than ever.

I need to look at the sky for 20 minutes and marvel at the clouds.
I need to touch the leaves of the Corymbia ficifolia in my garden and whisper soothing words to its tired branches.
I need the hardiness of my Acacias and Grevilleas, and the song of the winds around me.

 photo 2017 - 0129 - clouds 05_zpsolsxmrtb.jpg

The sky sings, and it says... )
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2017-01-29 12:18 pm
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[Photos] From heat wave to tropical storms...

So we've just come to the end of a fairly intense heatwave.
In Ellenbrook, because we don't get the seabreeze, and heat swelters against the Darling Scarp, it's always about 2-4C more than it is in the Perth metro area.
So we've mostly been dealing with average temps of 41C for four days in a row. (A range of about 105-110F for USians).
Complete with high humidity.
Last night, the weather broke down as a degrading tropical cyclone system approached.
And now today, we have rain.

But here were the clouds from last night's sunset, which was glorious.

 photo 2017 - 0128 - clouds 12_zpsemhq9uea.jpg

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2015-10-16 01:00 am

[Photos] It's that time again!

You know, the time when I basically dote on furballs.

 photo 2015 10 - cats 15_zpscvo7fwel.jpg

I'm a cat, I'm a kitty cat! )
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2015-10-03 08:13 pm

[Photos] Banksias

Glen's currently on a 4 hour flight home. (No wait, he's been delayed more).

I've been playing Dragon Age (...I'm going to be playing it forever, you can't stop me).

Also it took me like 50 hours to finally find Rifts less scary. *sighs at self*

 photo 2015 05 - kings park 01_zpsyg9xlay3.jpg

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2015-10-03 08:06 pm

[Photos] Clouds

It's been an interesting weekend.

Glen went to Melbourne to see the Eagles play in the Grand Final, and I stayed here and Mum stayed over with me (I'm not so good on my own at night). It was good, a little stressful just because my routine was thrown off so much, and I feel a bit ill now. So I'm sharing some clouds. Cloud therapy! :)

Do you know how much cirrocumulus we get here? Do you? ALL THE TIME.

 photo 2015 05 - clouds 11_zpsmtmcuz6p.jpg

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2015-09-29 10:34 pm

[Photos] Garden macros - Anoplognathus sp.

It's that time of year again. Actually it's just past that time of year again. But it's the time of year when all the jewel/Christmas beetles come out! I love these Anoplognathus and we had a really bad year for them last year, so I worried that something about my garden (or the weather) was killing them off. But this year they came back with a vengeance, and there's just been heaps of them. :D

 photo 2015 - august macro 09_zpsnzrepqtd.jpg

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2015-09-29 09:52 pm

[Photos] Garden macros.

All of these are taken with my iPhone. And all of them have been taken in the garden. As a child I always stared in fixation and obsession at tiny things, absorbed by the small things in life. And getting a macro lens for my iPhone has been a part of rediscovering what I love about the world around me.


 photo 2015 05 - macro 07_zpssyjk6re0.jpg

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2015-09-27 10:24 pm

[Photos] Food adventures.

I love culinary adventures. Mostly enjoying the fruits of what other people make, but there's some dishes of mine in here too.

Om nom nom.

Green Tea Tiramisu (I did not make this, lol - from Zensaki in Perth!)

 photo 2015 05 - food 08_zpsswjq27jg.jpg

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2015-09-27 10:14 pm

[Photos] Merchant Rock.

I culled a lot from this batch (because I take Too Many Photos of Rocks), but god I love this place so fucking much. Every time I come here I wonder if I'll get bored of it, and every time I get here I never am. It is - for a blustery place that constantly tastes of sea spray - one of the most tranquil places I've ever visited, and there's very rarely anyone here except rock fishermen risking themselves out on the rocks.

 photo 2015 - eam - merchant rock 10_zps4gyto1si.jpg

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2015-09-27 01:01 am

[Photos] Totally addicted to clouds.

A cloud compilation. I actually haven't been taking quite as much cloud photography lately, mostly just because of weird circumstances that mean I'm often not in a position to get outside when the sky is going to be most glorious. But I'll more than make up for this on our humid and stormy summer days, I'm sure. :)

 photo 2015 05 - clouds 30_zpsntdwlkbz.jpg

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2015-09-27 12:49 am

[Photos] Karri forest.

Not the greatest photos of the Boranup forest, for which I apologise. My iPhone wasn't up for the challenge, and my energy levels weren't really either. So not as many photos of this area, even though it's one of my favourite little spaces in the whole world. It's just...very magical, and doing quite well given the fires that went through it a few years ago.

 photo 2015 - eam - karri 16_zps9p0zmjdy.jpg

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2015-09-25 08:59 pm

[Photos] Forest macros.

Warning: there's some close-ups of centipedes and such under the cut.

Man, I love macro photography. For *most* of these, I used my Olloclip lenses (small iPhone attachment lenses). It means taking off my Otterbox cover every time I want to use them, but it's still so worth it.

 photo 2015 - eam - macro 16_zps5mq4oldz.jpg

Fungi and lichen and little creepy crawlies and more )