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So okay, the first photo is:

* Stag with branch-antlers. Brantlers!
* Stag with brantlers, pose II
* Black wallaroo (think small member of kangaroo family that is black)
* Darwin's fox
* African sacred ibis

 photo 2017 - art - sketch aggregate 700x_zps3mmsohjb.jpg

And the second is my Green Swans, that I haven't finished inking yet.

 photo 2017 - art - wip greens swans 700x_zpsyatcr9nb.jpg
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I've been arting very casually lately. But I AM participating in Inktober (draw an original ink piece every day for 31 days). We'll see how it goes.

I've not been open for commissions for about two years now. I still get asked, especially for totems, and I put people on a waitlist. But I honestly have no idea when I'll come back to it. I want to one day. Right now my path has me going a completely different direction.

Borzoi sketch. Borzoi have weird heads.

 photo 2015 - art - borzoi sketch_zpsv8uacszh.jpg

Moar. )
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I haven't been doing any 'serious' art lately. Anything I do has to take me less than fifteen minutes, lol. So here, have some of my more random sketches that didn't take me very long at all.

Child of Light fanart. I LOVE THIS GAME.

 photo 2015 05 - art 02_zpsaa1h31nb.jpg

hares and birbs and so on )
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I've been doing a 'sketch a day' thing (which is more like 'an idle sketch when I feel like it') but mostly just to stop myself from getting too rusty. Most of them are pretty naff, which is why I'm putting the one I actually like above the cut, lol.

All done in graphite over pastels on cartridge paper, because I wanted to use a medium that wouldn't let me erase my lines as I went, forcing me to find other ways to compensate for mistakes.

I tried to take less than 10 minutes for all of them.


 photo original art - sketch - sighthound 600x_zpsqimkhoz2.jpg

three more under the cut )
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A sketch from my sketchbook that I did today with uncontrollably shaking hands.
Nonetheless I'm quite happy with it.
Fineliner, graphite and watercolour on cartridge paper.
The JPG is a fair bit larger than the original.
Also known as the Australian knob tailed gecko.

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While I did take photos yesterday,
I didn't process them, due to mental health issues.
So there will be two photos today.
In other news, David Attenborough's Africa series (not yet finished)


 photo potd-noodles_zps96420e99.jpg

Ballpoint sketch of a bird that doesn't exist. Not my best work, but I'm still happy I managed to do anything at all yesterday, given my mood. Again, this sketch is more than 2 times the size of the original.

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Still sketching from time to time,
so here's a ballpoint pen sketch of the Corsac Fox.
Which has mostly come about because someone on [ profile] fuckyeahanimaltotems requested one.
So you know, might write up an essay for these guys.
I've missed sketching for the fun of it.
This scan / photo is about 2.25 times bigger than the original sketch.


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