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I am really, really happy (and excited) to announce the upcoming Ticonderoga short story anthology, Dreaming of Djinn is up for pre-order (to be released in April 2013).

I am especially excited because my own short story, Street Dancer, will be included!

Official announcement and story line-up here. Link to pre-order here.

I am in amazing company, and the project is a really exciting one. My own story is futuristic spice-trail steampunk, set within a cultural melting pot of trade and subsequent entertainment, and the heartbreak and love that grows within. It's been awesome to focus on writing again over the past couple of years, since it is one of my primary loves. I'd also like to add an extra thank you to Project Nascent (our writer's group), and all the nights of brownies, chocolate, critique and word counts. You guys are the greatest.


Also a quick reminder that the Losing Altitude Kickstarter is still going.

I have been informed that books will NOT be made available to those who don't pledge - so if you don't pledge and help fund the project over the next two and a half weeks, there will be no chance to purchase the books with the artwork later on! There is an option to pledge for a soft-cover or a hard-cover, and some new artwork has been added. :)
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I've mentioned this a few times, but I am contributing some original art
to a crowdfunded book by the name of Losing Altitude,
which draws much needed attention to the plight of Endangered and Critically Endangered birds.
I am in the company of many wonderful artists, and it would be wonderful
if you could contribute to this project.
There will be hard-cover and soft-cover versions, and depending on how much you pledge
you can get one with some extra awesome goodies now.
Or you can just give a few dollars and wait for the book to come out! :)


Two of my pieces in the book:

Swift Parrot
Prints available

Photo and scan under the cut. )

Puerto Rican Amazons
Prints available

Photo and scan under the cut. )


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