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Hi folks!

A while ago, I found Paperblanks journals. Belatedly, I might add, but I found them and I was excited and now I have TOO MANY and simultaneously NOT ENOUGH and you know how it is when you like to journal and sketch on things, you want all the things, basically.


I tweeted something to this effect, and Paperblanks tweeted back, and then magically and wonderfully I am now featured in an interview on their Featured Artist's section of their blog:


Here's the interview in all it's awesomeness!


Check it out, and enjoy the wonderful journals while you're there too. :) It was a great interview, and you might find out some things about me you didn't know!


And because I haven't done this in a while - did you know there are other places to keep up with what's happening with me? :)


Ravenari @ Facebook.

Ravenari @ DeviantArt

Ravenari's Totem Animal Dictionary

ETSY (Originals only)

My Twitter @ Ravenari

Ravenari's Portfolio
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A thousand huzzahs.
I want to draw octopi until my brain explodes.

Wandsuna - Packin' My Bag for Lolita City

38 x 51cm / 15 x 20 in
Crescent illustrator's board, technical pens, pencil and aquarelle, metallic paint, acrylic.

larger version under the cut. )
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Hi folks,

I'm jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon that many other Etsy practicioners are celebrating! From now until Monday the 28th at 12.00pm (GMT+8), you can get 20% off all totems and commissions when you use the code BFTOTEM at checkout! This does not include the free shipping you already get!

So what are you waiting for? That has meant some of the minis are selling as low as $44 - which considering these are originals and one of a kind, doesn't happen often. So far, I've only done one sale a year, and this will be it for 2011!

Check it now now -> Ravensdreaming at ETSY
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I'm watching Angel at the moment.
Is there anything in the world stupider than
that episode where Angel is making all the stupid baby voices
at his baby?
There's so much of season 3 that I loved, and so much that I loathed.
And it's all coasting into that hideous Jasmine season.
Which is pretty much just the prolonged metaphorical rape-of-Cordelia-followed-by-death,
and a 'great' way of a show to destroy pretty much their strongest female character.

Sketches make everything better.

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I've seen a few people writing articles like this lately, and I thought; 'hey, I'm pulling more income in than the average professional artist in Australia, why not?' (which is a sad reflection on the income of the average professional artist, and not so much a reflection of my riches and glory).

Here's what you should know about me before I start:

1. I don't have any tertiary qualifications in visual arts.

2. I started this business as a way of working while I was on a Disability Support Pension. I can't work fixed hours because of illness, but sometmes I am able to work a little bit, and because I can dictate my own hours, art is very flexible.

3. My form of business does not include working in an office with other people, or interacting with people face to face (okay, maybe once or twice a year, when I exhibited at Swancon, and when I dropped off a picture to a client that one time).

4. I am NOT a graphic designer. I don't really want to be a graphic designer. And I don't have the tools to do graphic design; so my income as an artist is based off...well...visual art. Traditional, two-dimensional visual art.

5. I am pulling in a profit off my artwork but that doesn't mean anyone should ever listen to me.


Cut because at some point this got long. )

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I was digging through some really old artwork (looking for somethign else entirely) and I found an illustration of Vavale as Cosmic Creatrix, way before my style was fully established. So probably from about 7 or 8 years ago, when I was still only working in regular ink, coloured pencil, and cartridge paper.

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What fairytales would you like to see me do a lateral artistic interpretation or rendering of, a la these pictures?

Red Riding Hood
Vasilia the Brave
Snow White and Rose Red
Dear Little Brother

And why?

Any particular scenes in mind?
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Just letting you folks know that I have been nominated for the 2011 Rose & Bay Award in the Art Category (it's a crowdfunding award, and you can find out more about that on the landing page here)

If you are interested in voting for my art, or anyone else's art (no, you don't have to vote for me, I'm amongst some seriously awesome company), please VOTE HERE.

I was lucky enough to be nominated by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith who wrote:

"Summary: Moonvoice produces a variety of art, much of it black ink drawings tinted with watercolor pencils. Totemic and shamanic motifs previal, with amazing diversity among featured animals and birds. Moonvoice also draws at amazing speed, even though the drawings are exquisitely details: it is not rare to see a complete pencil sketch one day, inked the next, colored the third, and then on to a new sketch -- or to see several pictures at once. We get to see a lot of in-progress stuff. I've been echoing links on my blogs because the art is just that cool to watch in development.

The project is funded by print and other product sales. Moonvoice also does commissions sometimes. Audience participation includes polls (such as which animals we'd like to see, or what size a planned card deck should be) and discussions."

You can read other nominations and check out websites here. And feel free to check out the other categories and creators, patrons and artisans involved and cast your vote! :)
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Yeah you.

Come closer.

this is what I've been working on, of late. )
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Chelsie is a Catahoula Leopard dog mix, just over two years old. :) From what I've heard and experienced, she's pretty awesome. Is it sad that I find wanting to visit people's pets just as much a motivation in wanting to travel to far-flung climes, as wanting to meet the people themselves? Hmm.

larger scan and photo under the cut. )


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