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moonvoice: (calm - blue shoreline)

moonvoice (ravenari)

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Created on 2010-09-02 02:04:59 (#561598), last updated 2017-03-27 (2 days ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 17, 1981
Location:Ellenbrook, Australia

CLOSED FOR COMMISSIONS in the foreseeable future.


I am like... Ravenari everywhere except here, where I am Ravenari in a very weak disguise. Lol.

Ravenari @ Facebook
Ravenari @ Etsy (featuring sale of original illustrations of totem art)
Ravenari @ DeviantArt (most recent art, and almost-full portfolio with over 400 deviations)


This journal is Friends Only

I'm back to mostly daily blogging again, but under filter. If you wish to be on the filter, please let me know! I have no idea who's active here anymore, so I only really added people to it that I trusted or who I knew would leave a reply every now and then. :)

Anyway, as for me in general, well, I'm creative, I'm spiritual (shamanism, animism, OBOD etc.), I have a bunch of mental and physical health issues, I love fandom and write copious amounts of fanfiction (Over 2 million at AO3). I draw stuff sometimes. I like tea, photography, Instagram, I am in therapy, I see a lot of specialists, nature is cool, goddamn I loathe hot weather, I think Tumblr is great (when used with care lol).


Ravenari @ Last.FM

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animal behaviour, animal people, animals, animism, art, artwork, australia, australian raven, authenticity, baba yaga, bdsm, black shuck, books, borzoi, breezes, bushwalking, busselton, cabin pressure, carotid body paraganglioma, childfree, chocolate mousse, chris colfer, comfort, community, compassion, craig ferguson, dissociation, dissociative identity disorder, dog breeds, dreaming big, earthsea, ethics, faeries, fairy tales, fairytales, familial paraganglioma syndrome, fanfiction, film, film studies, flashbacks, folklore, folktales, foreplay, forests, gardening, geeking out, genderfluid, gulo gulo, h/c, hayao miyazaki, healing, homoeroticism, house of leaves, humour, hurt / comfort, joe hisaishi, journeying, kissing, laughter, law & order: svu, leonberger, lightning, masochism, matt pryor, media studies, metallic paint, mr. whippy, multicultural fiction, music composition, my neighbour totoro, mysterious skin, mythical beasts, mythology, nerdfighters, noodles, obod, paganism, pansexual, pastels, photography, piano, pop culture, post traumatic stress disorder, power animals, princess mononoke, psychology, ptsd, queer as folk: us, queer theory, raven, ravenari, ravens, reassurance, romance, romantic asexuality, rune casting, safety, scott heim, scriptwriting, scully, sdhd mutation, sensuality, shamanism, shamans, shapeshifters, shinto, snail, soul retrieval, spirit helpers, spirited away, spirituality, storms, storytelling, studio ghibli, swearing, tarot, the black dog, the last unicorn, the moon, the new amsterdams, the ocean, the office: us, the sea, therapy, thunder, thunder storms, touch phobia, touching, trust, ursula k. le guin, vast spaces, walking endlessly, weather gods, wildflowers, wildspeak, winds, wip3out, writing
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