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Including photos of Hellfire Bay and other beaches, as well as a few other bits and pieces. There's more Esperance to come. I really loved this place. The beaches are like nothing else I've seen before, and I'm a Perthian and spoiled for beaches. It was somewhat bemusing to drive to Denmark and then find their beaches so very lacklustre by comparison. I know people talk about how awesome Denmark is, but when you've come from Esperance, it certainly puts things into perspective (though Denmark did have a very nice bookstore).

Hellfire Bay - it was even prettier and brighter in person.

 photo 2015 - eam - beach hellfire 12_zpsu1th1csi.jpg

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Cape le Grand is a region in Western Australia which has remained unglaciated and above sea level for over 200 million years. It is home to many primitive, relict species, and is managed by DPAW - the Department of Parks and Wildlife (which previously was Department of Conservation DeC), and before that, Conservation and Land Management (CALM) - let's see how many more name changes the dept. goes through in my lifetime).

The name le Grand comes from an officer on l'Esperance, a ship in the 1792 expedition: Bruni d'Entrecasteaux.

 photo 2015 - eam - clg 06_zpsygom48nw.jpg

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All taken on my iPhone.

Last month we went to Albany, Esperance, Denmark and Margaret River, and all in all we did about 40 hours of driving. Maybe more, actually. We had a good time, though it did tip my fibromyalgia into a flare, I was very happy to see Esperance for the first time. :)

 photo 2015 - eam - esperance 06 pia_zpsctuavjmi.jpg

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I've been using Instagram a lot as a way to document life,
since it's handier than my camera (though not as good, still fun).
Decided to dump everything back onto the hard-drive and I've been resizing the pictures.
So here's a glimpse into how things have been,
they'll come in stages, because I don't think people need to see 60 photos of my crap in one day.


Everything from self-portraits to the garden to Missy the Tenterfield Terrier to work in progress artwork )
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Sand Tiger

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This was a freebie commission for Glen's brother's wedding reception (it's going out as a...oh it's hard to explain, but it's gonna look cool I think.

I got Glen to hold it for a sense of scale.

Hee. And hey, look, I do something other than animals and people!

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For once, Spring is on time. In previous years, the jewel beetles have either been coming two weeks early / two weeks late. And two years ago, they were an entire month early, signalling a premature end to Winter, and the start of sunnier things to come.

I can't believe our garden already has jewel beetles! I am so happy. These photos came from our own garden! Whee!

It's not iridescence if your legs aren't iridescent too.

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I had a juvenile Australian raven come visit a roof-top today and then caw its handsome little heart out. I had to switch lenses, and the Australian ravens here know when they're abuot to be photographed and generally wait until I've got the camera lined up before flying away. It makes me laugh.

So I said out loud, 'please wait for me this time, brother raven, please wait,' and I ran and switched lenses and came back outside and got these. :)

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I have this wonderful thing known as terminal insomnia; which is a form of insomnia where instead of having problems falling asleep, you have a problem where you wake up earlier than usual (no matter what time you go to bed), and can't fall asleep again. I'm having a bit of a relapse right now... so this morning, while I let the cat outside to pretend to go to the toilet (after getting lost two houses down he came back in and used the litter tray instead. WTF???), I decided to watch the sunrise.

And then when I realised the sunrise was going to show off... I decided to take some pictures. :)

01. Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning... and all that. This is the view from our front porch. Some of it will disappear when all the houses go up.

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Sugarloaf rock was closed, so we went down here instead. As you can see, the weather was pretty damned forbidding, as this was the middle of the day.

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What is it with ravens eluding my damned camera! I hear them, I see them, I see amazing shots to take of them, but when it comes to pointing and clicking, where are they???

You'll have to content yourself with these instead.

part one - lorikeets mostly. in the next batch i have some flight shots i'm really happy with. )
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A sample from part two!

Long Billed Corella - VOGUE.

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It'd be nice to go there again as it's only a 20 minute drive away from our place and now that I can walk around a fair bit more, I can start lurking around my favourite haunts more often. Wootage.
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So Glen and I did end up going to Hawkin's Park in Joondalup today, and mostly just walked around (it's really NICE to be able to walk around).

I snapped some pictures (and some I'm really happy with), and we talked, and sat under the eucalypts and at one point we got a chocolate dipped soft-serve cone, because it was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and therefore to picnickers and Mr. Whippy van were out in force.

I took quite a few photos, so I will do a couple (or maybe three) entries to show them. I hope you like. Here is a sample!

Lake Yellagonga with complementary ducks!

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Part II to be forthcoming!
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Went on a mega walk through Koondoola yesterday, the longest I've been on in easily over 2 years. It was amazing. We saw a Western brush wallaby almost flying through the undergrowth, a lot of 28 parrots, and an inordinate number of wattlebirds chasing each other about.

It was just lovely to walk the land again. Dieback has more of a stranglehold on the banksias, which is really sad. But... the land is evolving, and who knows how it will adapt to deal with it. I don't know. I do worry though.

While I could ramble on and on about spirits and 'zomg spirit spiders' and such, I'd rather just share a whole heap of photos with you. :) It's not even a flowering season at the moment, aside form a handful of plants, but that's okay.

For those who are keeping up with Tem's Lucky Paw, there are pictures of the Calytrix or 'spirit spiders' within. :)

Koondoola bushland photos, including Menzies banksia, stinkwood, Calytrix - 'spirit spiders' and just general chicanery )


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