Jun. 16th, 2012

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I've been sitting on a batch of Australian totems for a while now.
The majority are Endangered or Critically Endangered,
including these guys.
I will be releasing them in batches over the next
couple of weeks. :)
These are all sold, but if you're interested in commissions check out the commish information.

Carnaby's Black Cockatoo as Totem
Prints available here

MEANINGS – Rain Bird

Rain bird, rain magic, following the rain and preferring times of high rainfall, being able to move easily through many different types of environment, adaptability, preferring the company of those with like mind, crying and calling out your song, crying with joy and emotional freedom, travel, needing to be constantly on the move, needing a familiar home to return to, preserving what you care for, spirit, competition, a close relationship to trees, fun and enjoyment, a connection to Australian bushland and woodlands as well as their wights.

Photo, totem animal description and so on under the cut. )

Golden Sun Moth as Totem
Prints available here

MEANINGS – The Healing Sun

A profound, and possibly unexpected connection to the sun and its magic, the power of the north, a connection to grasslands and grasses, your lifestyle is rare and potentially threatened, finding it easier to function from a youthful state of mind, at times, feeling powerless or restricted as an adult, a messenger from the spirit, a connection to gold and the colour gold, a soothing, golden light, being deeply and negatively affected by inclement weather or difficult situations, needing to be a fair weather friend from time to time, metamorphosis, protecting yourself from other people’s problems.

Photo, totem animal description and so on under the cut. )


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