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Maybe is sitting right next to the keyboard as though I'm going to bed soon.
(I am not.)
Moet is lying down on the chair next to me and he doesn't really give a shit when I go to bed.
Unless it passes 1.00am.
And then he'll get annoyed that I'm not in bed yet, to keep him warm, lol.

Ahhhh, cats.

A nonchalant Moet appears!

I apologise for these three photos being blurry, but I found them frankly hilarious. So here we have Moet walking into Maybe's zone, and Maybe deciding that's an invitation to play.

And here we have Moet noping out of that.

My favourite part is Maybe's stare in the background.

Oh but he is handsome though, isn't he? 11 years old and still doing well.

Part of the reason why it's hard to get photos of Moet.

He who decided it would be a *great* idea to roll in a fuckton of dirt and then look all regal about it.

You can bet he brought all of that inside.

'I am not out here to have my photo taken now kindly piss off.'

Oh I forgot I had some more of these.

He sniff.

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