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Prepare for an epic photodump! :D

Our cats aren't allowed free access to the outside world,
so they basically get supervised access, like prison inmates.

And I usually go out with my camera and annoy them.

A lot.

My beautiful girl, Maybe. She's 7 now!

Not gonna lie, most of these photos are of Maybe. Partly because Moet pisses off into the bushes. And partly because she has no problems with me approaching her with the camera, whereas Moet just wants to relive his wild glory days or whatever.

Maybe tends to walk 'low' to the ground.

Here we have a hint of a Moet, and Maybe thinking about getting up to mischief.

I still can't get over how beautiful she is.

I just called her name here, and she's focusing on me and springing into attention, lol. This will turn into a run towards me, and she makes that little 'prrrrt' sound as she goes by, and usually tries to get my face with her tail, lol.

Here she comes!

She's getting distracted! :D

Time for some quality rolling.

So graceful.

Here's the thing about Maybe. She rolls really fast, and really violently. Hence, sand spray:

My most normal cat.

I luff her.

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