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While in Margaret River, we visited the Berry Farm. We go there once a year mostly to stock up on jam (and then the jams/conserves we get last us until the next year, lol, so it works out). But this time we actually decided to stop off for lunch, because my stomach has been a *tad* more reliable lately. We ended up sitting outside in a sheltered area, and got some visitors while we ate. Delightful, colourful visitors. :D

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 01_zpslamwwjhf.jpg

I tend to think Western Australia is particularly blessed with the male splendid fairy wren. It's just a solidly blue little bird when he has his breeding plumage. And so glossy and bright. Seeing him behave in such a friendly manner (hoping for scraps from our food) was delightful.

Checking us out:

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 11_zpstyng1lcq.jpg

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 10_zpsa2mrcohk.jpg

Checking out what's available:

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 07_zps1rqbsmdj.jpg

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 08_zpsulmoga7z.jpg

One of his harem females was in this shot too! Yay sexual dimorphism!

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 09_zpstiup4iie.jpg

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 05_zps1ufa977r.jpg

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 06_zpsycjmxpw9.jpg

Bird butt:

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 04_zpsyk1ozzgy.jpg

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 03_zps9aanaopw.jpg

 photo 2015 - eam - berry farm 02_zpscxqpzcot.jpg

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