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Woot, artwork!
These are all commissions, so if you're interested in something similar
you can check out commission information here.
Arabian leopard and rough collie will come later today.
Thinking about letting the cats outside for some supervised play today.

Australian White Ibis as Totem
prints available here

TOTEM MEANINGS – Wanted or Unwanted?

Trash and treasure, a connection to Thoth and the sacred ibis, harsh truths, wanted or unwanted?, paradox, deciding what is valuable and invaluable, probing your current situation for wisdom or more nourishment, a connection to the moon and night, unintentionally repelling others from your side, finding preciousness in what others discard, a connection to water and wetlands energy, water wights and deities, becoming increasingly bold and gregarious with time.


The Australian white ibis (dump chook, tip turkey, sheep-bird, Mardungurra (Yindjibarndi), sacred ibis) is a wading waterbird found across a lot of Australia. They prefer to live in open grassland, marshland, farmland, wetlands and frequent parks and rubbish dumps. They have become increasingly common in urban areas, especially in the Eastern states. They have a bald head and neck. The plumage is white, but can become stained. They have a distinct unpleasant, distinct, foul odour. They are sexually mature at three years, and can live for up to 28 years. They form V-shaped flocks when flying in groups.

They call by emitting long, drawn-out croaks. They nest in trees near bodies of water, and often nest near other waterbirds like egrets, herons, cormorants and spoonbills. They primarily feed on crayfish, mussels (which they open by striking on a hard surface), fish, frogs, other aquatic creatures, insects and garbage. Despite disappearing in natural breeding areas, they have been culled in some areas due to their smell and intrusive nature. Recent debates have begun over whether the Australian white ibis is a pest because of its encroachment on public spaces, or if it is Endangered because it no longer breeds in many of its traditional areas. Australian white ibises that have become very habituated to humans will actually snatch food from people.

Australian Magpie as Totem
prints available here

Read the full totem essay of Australian Magpie as totem here at Wildspeak

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